Indie Short Fest

Late session

Half past eleven. A tired psychologist takes the last patient. However, the patient talks not only about his unhappy marriage, but also about his terrible secret.
Directed by Mansur Sarsembayev and Maxud Sarsembayev (Kazakhstan)


While filming a commercial for a new artificial intelligence, Luna, the AI takes a mind its own.
Directed by Viren Shinde (USA)

Un-Dateable Britt

Britt is convinced monogamy is a trap and something older generations were obsessed with because they had no true career ambitions. She thoroughly enjoys the swipe community…. through the powers of the apps she can engage or disengage with whomever she pleases. One evening Britt decides she really wants to get out there and drink and flirt and who knows….so she messages some lingering options, some new ones, until finally Someone says “Yes”! Excitedly she gets ready for this date however as soon as the date begins things do not go as she had hoped. In fact, they head in a totally unanticipated direction that she does not handle well… one thing leads to another and bam Britt is dateless, but don’t let that fool you, she never gives up so easily. If Britt feels like getting drinks and getting frisky oh frisky she will get-just watch and see how her “date night” unfolds and how Britt does seem to be… un-dateable.
Directed by Jacob Swanson (USA)

Lab Dog

A laboratory assistant has a change of heart upon meeting Riley, a laboratory dog who is about to be experimented on. Now the question is wether to pursue his career or wether to save the dog.
Directed by Noemi Durivou (Switzerland)


Business is drying up for a potato farmer living in a dying desert town: until his uncle comes screeching back into town with a suitcase in one hand, and, two casino Hitman hot on his tail.
Directed by Justin Durivou (Switzerland)

The Ride Home

Two intoxicated young women leave the club after a night of partying and get into an Uber, only to eventually find that they are being kidnapped by their driver. They must do whatever necessary to escape from the kidnapper’s clutches.
Directed by Elijah Kimmel (USA)


While 11-year-old Ricky is plays with his small ladybug, his oblivious older brother sneaks into the room and brutally smashes the ladybug in front of his eyes. After a fight between the two boys gets broken up by their single mother, she demands that the boys make up. While the trouble seems to be over, there is still tension between the two. As a result, Ricky plots a sinister plan to get back at his older brother that may yield unexpected consequences.
Directed by David Velez (USA)

Bad Luck BBQ

It is Lachlan’s birthday and when a friend plays plays a practical joke on him, with a fake winning lottery ticket, things go horribly wrong.
Directed by Lucas Chehab (Australia)