Indie Short Fest


A reflection on the insecurities and suffocating thoughts that erode the person we are, creating something new. The issue is, it’s hard to decide which version of ourselves we like better.
Directed by Chadd Alciati (USA)

Rock and Roll

Johnny Ghost is an aspiring rock star, who wakes up just before his make or break gig is about to start. However, due to surreal circumstances, he struggles to leave his home.
Directed by Christopher Beech (UK)

Good Morning

A portrait of modern romance in the era of dating apps.
Buzz, buzz, buzz. A text comes through and Griff wakes up. He goes through his normal morning routine. Draws open the curtains, starts his morning music mix, waters the plants. Until James wakes up in Griff’s bed and interrupts the routine.
Directed by JC Pinheiro (UK)

ART: An Unexpected Vocation

“Art – An Unexpected Vocation” is the story of an artist who is so focused on attaining success that he loses everything, and is left destitute and homeless. It’s on the streets that he finds redemption and inspiration from the unlikeliest of people: another homeless man named Louie. From Louie, he learns how to seize each moment and find happiness in all things, which is what ironically leads him to the inner success he always desired.
Directed by Marrianna Phung (Canada)

Sweet Honey Overdrive

Stuck behind the desk of a music studio, Kim spends her days thinking up band names, learning to play chords. Molly, on the other hand, after being bailed on by her bandmates for the final time, can’t wait to be rid of them. It’s the 90’s… anything can happen.
Directed by Julia San Andres, Conor Twohy, Niko Trusko, Noah Friend and Jo Sanford (USA)

When the Music Stops Playing

A story about an unexpected twist of fate. A one-way trip inside a damaged brain.
(Movie includes English, French and Italian subtitles on .srt files, plus Spanish subtitles for the hearing impaired. Please, click on the CC button on the screen to watch them. Copies with burned in/hardcoded subtitles in these languages are also available on request for live screenings.) Please, contact director Sadie Duarte to request the .srt subtitle files as Filmfreeway only allows to download the film.
Directed by Sadie Duarte (Spain)