Indie Short Fest

October 96

In October of 1996, singer/songwriter KOBY D’s mother suddenly passed away in Ghana, West Africa. Over 20 years later after trying to process her death he puts pen to paper and writes out exactly how he felt and what this amazing woman meant to him. The film follows him as he remembers the precious moments with his mother over the course of their lives; the first picture he ever remembered taking with her; the first day she took him to kindergarten, making his favorite meal. And then, now a teenager, we are with him the day he finds out she died. We follow Kwabena into his adulthood and finally his return to Ghana on the 20th year anniversary of her death. He finds the first picture they ever took together and finally he is able to deal with his mother’s death and hold on to the fond memories they shared.
Directed by Adetokumboh M’Cormack (USA)


A knight’s “happily ever after” gone horribly wrong when a damsel in distress turns out to be the hero’s greatest adversary yet.
Directed by Scott Langford (USA)

Super Cut Free Way

“Super Cut Free Way” is a silent film made with an iPhone 5c and a combination of several creative video apps. It’s ethical and political aim is to think about a new kind of digital primitivism in cinema where technological determinations and limitations are faced as an expansion of imaginative possibilities. The flux of images, made during a two year period, follows a free poetic order documenting the medium’s experimental specificity.
Directed by Vasco Diogo (Portugal)

One Way Ticket

A Muay-Thai fighter has to overcome mental health issues and personal loss to prove to everyone and himself, that he is not defined by his past.
Directed by Mark James Birch (UK)


Her name is Lola. She’s an actress. Today is her 153rd commercial casting. Inspired by (several) true stories.
Directed by Jonathan Burteaux (France)