Indie Short Fest

Back to the Wall

In today’s world, trying to move from place to place has become a battle to prove one’s integrity. To find your place in this world is an even greater struggle. But it can also appear in an instant, as a magical gift of fate – As Mali struggles to flee her homeland and the abusive men in her life, she fights to be accepted into the land of the free, and serendipitously discovers the feelings she thought she’d never share.
Directed by Brian Drillinger (USA)

The LLorona

“La Llorona” (“Ser mujer”) is an interdisciplinary art project to raise awareness for feminicides in Mexico. A group of artists, researchers, teachers, mothers, activists, and journalists from Netherlands and Mexico concerned about this situation, where involved in its making, to support change.
Direct by Adriana Ronquillo (Mexico)


A FaceTime abduction leads Keith on a hysterical hunt to find his friend’s killer. FaceTime starts as a light-hearted Black gay comedy about two friends and a misleading kidnapping turns it into a suspenseful psychological thriller.
Directed by Delius Doherty (USA)

Before It Was True

A woman reveals how she built an increasingly close relationship with her eccentric mother-in-law. But what is the truth of the matter, and who is telling it?
Directed by Dana Offenbach (USA)

For While

Inspired by Emma Lazarus’s famed poem welcoming immigrants to the United States, this experimental video short captures small moments of humanity within the quotidian carriage of the NYC subway. Titled in reference to a computational “for” loop, the video poem speaks to the holding pattern we occupy and take passage through—equal in our anonymity, hurriedness and small sufferings. Amid this current era of nationalist scapegoating, we persist in the quiet ethos of multiplicity. We (us) are greater than US in the lived experience of equality and freedom.
Directed by Jess Irish (USA)