Indie Short Fest


Windy is a Taiwanese who dreams to study in America. For her, America represents freedom and hope, helping her escape from her life constricted by Eastern traditional value. Chei is a Hongkonger moved to Taiwan as longing for its freedom. The only common thing is they seems to be both chasing their own dreams, but in fact fleeing from the reality.
Directed by Huang Hsiao Hsia (Taiwan)

F*ck You Lady

A transgender bar owner deals with love, life and business while navigating a sea of toxic masculinity.

While savoring a backhanded compliment, bar owner Leocadia Cruz confronts a decision that requires meeting with her business partner Benjamin Stoddard. But first she needs to deal with an ex-lover who is also an ex-employee. Meanwhile, Ben is chasing his own passions. With the business in jeopardy, Leo and Ben meet again to confirm their commitment to each other and to affirm her value as a transgender woman. 
Directed by Ruby De Fresno and Michael Santos-Whalen (USA)


A nomad finds shelter from the bleak landscape in a farmhouse whose inhabitants may be more dangerous than world around him.
Directed by Adam Newman (USA)