Fairbanks Theater: Block 3.9 – Women (Sunday 23rd, 2.50pm-4.25pm)

Out of Breath

Those who are trapped in a relationship that destroys each other, and the struggle of one person to get away from it. A choreographic film with only music and dance without lines. The whole story is autobiographical.

Directed by Sojeong Yoon (South Korea)

California premiere

I Still Am

In 1979, a woman takes refuge from an abusive relationship in a secluded cabin. She can run from her relationship, but in isolation, the stories she deludes herself with won’t keep her safe.

Directed by Simon O’Keefe and Tara Lynn Rye (USA)

Los Angeles premiere


In a small rural town, a beaten middle-aged woman reaches breaking point as her cruel, con-artist husband attempts to corrupt a rookie police officer.

Directed by Roscoe Portelli and William Stanforth (Australia)

North America premiere


Millie, a recovering alcoholic-addict, falls in love and marries Cillian, another alcoholic-addict with bipolar disorder. When Cillian relapses and becomes abusive, Millie has to make a decision.

Directed by Seidy Lopez (USA)


Psychologist Dr. Rhemi Hathaway finds herself embarking on a journey of self-discovery as she delves into the lives of her patients. When this self-discovery reaches its pinnacle, she finally comes to the realization of her own need.

Directed by Mirlande Amazan (USA)

California premiere