Fairbanks Theater: Block 3.6 – Kids (Sunday 23rd, 10am-11.20am)

Still With You

After his canine best friend goes missing, Ollie the cat must journey through the Lake Tahoe wilderness to find her.

Directed by Ryan Livesay (USA)


A father tries to stay connected with his unconscious daughter through music. He plays a windup music box and hopes she can hear it while fighting with his own emotions to stay strong. Meanwhile, his daughter follows the melody in her dreams and looks for a way back.

Directed by Yibing Jiang (USA)

Morning Flavors

While going out early, playing for the first time, with his friends, Omar will live playful situations as stimulating as worrying. It starts with ordinary games and ends in a collective larceny. A larceny that will destabilize the inside of the pre-teenager.

Directed by Damir Yaqouti and Hassan Yaqouti (Morocco)

Los Angeles premiere

The Last Supper

In the tiny castle town of Berat, Albania, each family is bustling in preparation for a grand turkey feast for tonight’s New Year’s celebration. A sensitive and restless young boy, overlooked by his parents and rejected by his schoolyard peers, finds himself on an adventure of a lifetime when he accidentally lets the wily family turkey – tonight’s main course – escape the pen, leading to a thrilling chase throughout the labyrinthine cobblestone fortress.

Directed by Michael Risley (USA)


A father discovers that his daughter Automne seems to be developing a disturbing pathology, she believes that it does not exist…

Directed by Vladimir Lifschutz and Julien Reneaut (France)

USA premiere