Fairbanks Theater: Block 3.3 – Mysteries & Horror (Saturday 22nd, 1.40pm-3.25pm)

Young Lady in the Pantry

Anna goes to a hospital where she bumps into a journalist, a nurse and a doctor who respectively knows her legendary yet unfortunate stories in different stages.

Directed by Tian Shi (China)

Drawn Curtains

Jeanne, hoping for a simple getaway, checks into a hotel for the weekend. While settling into her room, she discovers a man watching through window across from her own. Although initially repulsed, Jeanne finds herself growing more and more enthralled with the strange figure, eventually seeking him out.

Directed by Marfisia Bel (USA)

World premiere


Photographer Isabelle Pisano becomes hearing-impaired after a violent car accident. As she struggles to cope in the muffled and scary new normal something beautifully-terrifying happens…

Directed by Tawan Bazemore (USA)

Bad Dreams

A boy in bed thinks something’s escaped the cellar. Suddenly… a deformed face looms over the boy with a harrowing scream.

Directed by Stuart Fryer (UK)


A husband plots to kill his wife with his mistress, but their plans take a turn when unsettling mysterious events occur that night.

Directed by Montana Mann (USA)

The Door Down The Hall

Two caring parents who want what’s best for their daughter, Paige, have a rule in place in their house that forbids Paige from entering the door down the hall from where she sleeps. She respects their rule, and happily adjusts to life in their care. But this doesn’t stop her curiosity and the nightmares she’s having.

Directed by Christian Vetrone (Canada)

The Reflection

Vika works as an intern in a social care company. Fulfilling an assignment – to issue a social benefit to an elderly woman, the girl realizes that there is no old woman in the house. But it seems Vika is not the only one who is in the house and something sinister is watching her.

Directed by Avdjin Kutakis (Russia)

California premiere