Chaplin Theater: Block 1.6 – Guns (Sunday 23rd, 10am-11.30am)

The Ballad of Emma Wright

Late 1800’s – Housewife Emma Wright lives her life feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, and “trapped” by her husband William Wright. Out in a small desert town, she dreams of moving to the more modern and fast paced lifestyle of New York. And realizes there is no way she can ever leave the town or her husband for the big city – unless William’s life is cut short.

Directed by Carlos Diaz (USA)


After losing a loved one, Mathews is caught off guard when Lilith shows up in the middle of the night seeking help, when her husband shows up looking for her, Lilith finds out that Mathew may not be what she thought he was.

Directed by Paul N Foster (USA)

California premiere

Falling Sparrow

A young woman sets out to take her family’s sword back from her murderous uncle.

Directed by Justin Wang Powell (USA)

California premiere


When an SAS operative falls into the hands of the enemy, that might just be part of the plan…

Directed by Tom Van Immerseel (Belgium)


Two opposing factions of soldiers converge in their search for a wellspring, knowing that whoever controls the last vestige of water, controls the territory.

Directed by Jeffrey Smith Quizon (Philippines)