A brilliant spoken word artist turned Icon for love. A loyal best friend trying to connect. A grieving mother in search of answers and a graffiti artist just trying to paint. All of their lives entangle when one of them tries to let go.
Directed by Divyansh Sharma (USA)

Social Butterfly

Music video of the single called “Social Butterfly”, by Anthony Barbarich, inspired by social media. The lyrics focus on how connected we are now and yet so disconnected as people now with technology.
Directed by Dane Parsons (Australia)

The Grimoire Chapters: Rem

In 1968, a deadly sleep experiment took place at the Parker family residence. A crime that would go down in infamy and sets in motion a series of events, leading to a startling killing spree in 1988. Who or what is the connection?
Directed by Michael Davis (USA)


“Tharagan” is Tamil language short film. Kannan, a struggling house rental agent in the suburbs of Chennai, is desperate to find a tenant for an apartment, so that he can settle his own immediate rental debt.
Directed by Mohan Lakshmipathy (India)

Team Teenettes

Balancing regular battles against a giant robot and a mad scientist with high school life leaves supercharged teen hero Kaylee questioning the predictability of her team’s missions.
Directed by Brian Morelan and Bianca Poroliseanu (Canada)