“Subverse” is a sci-fi web-series about the dark side of the Internet. Addiction. Dating. Privacy. Public shaming.
Directed by Joseph White (USA)

The Mole 17

The song “Mole” tells the story of the relationship of the lyrical hero with his “inner beast”, which offers the owner to shoot all the people “through the navel.” “Inner beast” Mole-the personification of what lives in the character. Its dark side, or light, is unclear and should be. He rummages in character and deeply rooted in it as in the ground. He speaks of vices, whispers in his ear and speaks to his master. The story of their relationship is cyclical, at all levels of the hero’s imagination.
Directed by Dmitry Maseykin (Russia)


In the desperate act to save a young boys life, a Doctor helps facilitate an illegal organ donation from a third world country and is then haunted by its implications.
Directed by Manuel Paz Ochoa (USA)

Emotional Distress

Ex-cabbie Ron ‘the Con’ Lockwood claims he’s been sacked for sitting down. Engaging No Win No Fee solicitor Jessica Hayne to stand up for him brings fatal consequences.
Directed by Matt Holt and Wayne Kelly (UK)

Freakishly Normal

“Freakishly Normal” is a charming modern-day dramedy, following four middle aged moms as they navigate the ups and downs of every day life in sunny Burbank , California. Through marriage, motherhood and mortgages, and with the help of a lot of white wine spritzers, they break through the ordinary to celebrate the extraordinary and discover a life that is Freakishly Normal.
Created by Eva Sippel (USA)

The Bracelet

On Sunrise day, a young woman will have to put her differences with her younger sister aside to protect her from Elide Corporation after she broke her bracelet ID after entering in a restricted area…
Directed by Bérangère Samuel (Australia)

Last Stop

A psychic man enters a shop where he must prove to the young paranoid cashier that he is not dangerous to buy some gloves to protect himself from having visions.
Directed by Bérangère Samuel (Australia)