Kate Allen is Getting a Life

Kate Allen (20s) is an aspiring young novelist who’s failing in all aspects of her life. Her novel, ‘Death Metropolitan Style’, has been rejected by a series of publishing companies. Sharing an apartment with her gay roommate Joe (20s), Kate can barely pay her rent which has just been raised – again. Kate seeks help from her wealthy parents, Harold and Lily Allen (50s), who insist that it’s time for Kate to take charge of her life.
Directed by Linda Stuart (USA)

A Good Story

A middle school teacher who wants desperately to be a big-shot writer in Hollywood struggles to come up with an idea for a screenplay contest, until his characters start to appear to him in real life.
Directed by Marcus Mullen (Canada)


Jim is a young writer from out of town, who gets invited to LA for winning a writing contest. He then finds a lost cell phone. In his gallant effort to return the phone the its rightful owner, gets a taste of LA that changes the course of his life.
Directed by Zane Johnson (USA)

Red Wire Blue Wire

Marty thought being strapped to a ticking time bomb was bad enough…and then Trish arrives.

Insurance broker Marty, having been held at gunpoint, is now strapped to a bomb with only six minutes left on the clock. His saviour Trish, lead bomb disposal officer, has more on her hands than stopping it from going off. They’ve had history, they’ve kept secrets and both of them won’t stop arguing about coffee! 
Directed by Charlotte Rose (Australia)


Once famous L.A. screenwriter, now black-listed, is running on empty. He must hire a Ghost Writer for any chance of a restart. How far would you go, to come back?
Directed by Lawrence Whitener (USA)

A Life So Precious

Heartbroken and grief stricken, a widowed father, who lost his only son, finds a scapegoat in the emergency dispatcher whom he had a brief interaction with. When he sees an opportunity to remind her how fragile life is, his intended threat becomes a reality. 
Written by Debby Huvaere (USA)