So Many Divisions: Ya Rahman (“O Beneficient”)

Music Video – (English) – “O Beneficent” – A cry to the Lord of the worlds and a question as to why so many divisions (religious) and sects have formed over time. This song is also a plea to humanity to unify themselves under one banner. The song’s purpose is to enlighten the realization of our current state.
Directed by Mohammed Paika (USA)

Poker Face

Sorority Sisters Jordan and Grace are running a low-stakes Texas Hold’em poker ring in Los Angeles. The sisters feel increasing pressures because their fast success has attracted unwanted attention.
Directed by Marquette Jefferson (USA)


Gil is a 20-year-old college student, who has been identifying himself as a gay male his whole life. Gil and Room have been dating for about two years. In the middle of their relationship, Gil realizes he is also attracted to women. However, the couple avoids this question: What does Gil really want? Their relationship is shaken when Gil meets Yuma whom he cannot help being drawn to.
Directed by Joyce Lim (USA)

My Week with Maisy (Screenplay)

Mrs Foster, a middle-aged, retired Daily Mail reader, whose cup is half empty, is starting chemotherapy and is understandably anxious. The last thing she needs, is to have to share the treatment room with a ‘know it all child’ because of NHS budget cuts! Cue Maisy Jones, 7 days and an unexpected friendship that gives Mrs Foster much more than just a glimmer of hope.
Written by Mark Oxtoby (UK)

I Must Upgrade!

When the iPhone X came out, my phone looked like a blocky piece of crap. That feeling inspired this song. It’s about a prince who desperately wants to keep up with the latest technology.
Directed by Oliver Denyer (UK)


“Profiling” is a short film about an English teacher held captive in a foreign military base for preaching the gospel, and the government interrogator who’s instincts that are challenged.
Directed by Anthony Hartley (USA)