The Unit: Lessons On Living & Dying

“The Unit: Lessons on Living and Dying” is a moving short documentary film that shares the stories of people who worked on the Cedars-Sinai AIDS Unit during the height of the AIDS epidemic. The film, directed by “Stories: The AIDS Monument” board member and award-winning journalist Peggy Callahan tells the journey of how passionate Cedars-Sinai caregivers impacted the lives of so many, as well as their own, during the HIV/AIDS health crisis.
Directed by Peggy Callahan (USA)

She’s FunDead

Bobby is enjoying a quiet night at home until his cute zombie neighbor from hell comes over and experiences a climax that isn’t meant for the living.
Directed by Bobby Burrelli (USA)

Doppelgänger, Inc.

Edgar Wilson is a lonely clerk with a monotonous life. One night an advertising spot offers him to change his life but he rejects it. What he does not know is that he has been selected to be replaced by an unknown being.
Directed by Andrés Hernández Covarrubias (Mexico)


An awkward sound guy meets the girl of his dreams, but to win her heart must navigate constant distractions presented by musicians, comedians and a secret addiction to gaming.
Directed by Nolan Ford (USA)

The Undamaged

The Balkans cradles Europe’s last wild rivers and supports abundant wildlife and healthy, intact ecosystems. These rivers are The Undamaged – clean, pristine, and undammed. With over 2,700 small and large hydropower plants planned or under construction in the Balkans, corruption and greed are destroying the last free-flowing rivers of Europe.
Follow the Balkan Rivers Tour, a crew of whitewater kayakers, filmers, photographers and friends who decided to stand up for the rivers, traveling from Slovenia to Albania for 36 days, kayaking 23 rivers in 6 countries to protest the dams and show the world the secret, wild rivers of the Balkans. The film honors everyday people and local activists who are fighting to defend rivers and aims to spread the word of the plight of these rivers.
Directed by Rožle Bregar, Matic Oblak and Miha Avguštin (Slovenia)

The Master of Cuchillo

Timoteo, a chef that knows perfectly what he doesn’t want to be, has an obsession for juggling knives. The loss of one of his fingers constantly reminds him how dangerous is his obsession. He is fully aware of his problem, he tries so hard to control himself all the time. Her father suffers from the same obsession and together try to overcome it. But they are some detonators that exceed all forces.
Timoteo will be tempted when he discovers his platonic love ‘Lucrecia chef’, visiting his restaurant. The life of Timoteo will depend on the fate of a knife in the air.
Directed by Rodrigo Sebastian Gonzalez (Mexico)

Fourth Position

Axel is a choreographer working in a dance company. Beyond everyone’s expectation, he appoints Claire, a young dancer without experience, as a premier dancer for the new show. Before the debut, Claire lost her memory in a car accident. Axel has built his hope on her, and he will do everything to restore her memory.
Directed by Matthieu Estrem (USA)