Drawn Curtains

Jeanne, hoping for a simple getaway, checks into a hotel for the weekend. While settling into her room, she discovers a man watching through the window across from her own. Although initially repulsed, Jeanne finds herself growing more and more enthralled with the strange figure, eventually seeking him out. Meanwhile, she is flooded with memories of a past trauma. Separated by the glass, their relationship progresses to a boiling point.
Directed by Marfisia Bel (Canada)

The Other

Emily has had a rough life plagued with sadness and misfortune but now she will have to face it in the form of “The Other” whether she survives or not will be up to her.
Directed by Mahaut de Coustin (Canada)

The Original Horror Story

Satan prematurely snatches a NASA Pilot from his accident and takes him straight to HELL. Randy is not only tormented by demons but is shocked at who else shares his fate.
Written by Lea Ann Vandygriff (USA)


A stranger lingers in an empty diner waiting to speak to a waitress that he’s had his eye on all night. Small talk becomes quickly disturbing, causing the waitress to call for help from the cook. In a physical exchange, the young man’s motives are revealed which changes both of their lives forever.
Directed by David Robinette (USA)

Change The World

Angelena Bonet is a warrior in the fight to end violence against women. With a fierce commitment to helping victims heal, and take back their life, she brings to bear a multitude of talents, wisdom and personal experience. Violence and tragedy are not strangers to Angelena. In 2007, the love of her life and her fiancé, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. In 2012, Angelena was the victim of a violent crime in her homeland. Only from the depths of her despair and darkest days has she truly found her voice and the courage to share about her experiences and to speak out about issues generally swept under the carpet by society. Angelena has multiple outlets for her commitment to supporting non-violence and health recovery. She sends a powerful message of self-love and healing and is proud to share her biopic documentary ‘Angelena: Change The World’, which she dedicates to her late fiancé and soul mate, Erick Deeby. She produced, directed and edited the film in its entirety, including the original music score which she co-wrote her late fiancé. From Australian supermodel to award winning documentary filmmaker, singer/songwriter and global women’s rights activist, Angelena cites the making of her film as having an intense healing effect on her and is proud to share her story.
Directed by Angelena Bonet (Australia)


A thirteen-year-old refugee girl, ostracized by her classmates, seeks an opportunity to participate in a group physics experiment at her school.
Directed by George Leontakianakos (Greece)

Go Getters

“Go Getters” dives into the lives of a power couple, who learn to deal with the success and struggles of their new jobs in the nation’s capital.
Directed by Kerry King (USA)

Down The Rabbit Hole

Part epic chant, part improvisational dance, “Down The Rabbit Hole” is a modern day rendition of Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice in Wonderland. Each episode features original music and dance that unfolds in the forests and towns of Northern California. Created by artist Chantmagick, this musical fantasy is a visual concept album that challenges the viewer to be still and be fluid at the same time.
Directed by Marilyn McNeal (USA)


Solange becomes the muse of a famous painter. 
Passionately in love, she lets herself be molded according to his wishes. 
She is adored, beautified, glorified, to finally be abandoned for another. 
How far will she go to reclaim his love?
Directed by Pascaline Bellegarde (France)