Who Will Stop Me

When a young woman is eerily confronted by a DHS agent who accuses her boyfriend of running an illegal cyber marketplace, she’s forced to make a life changing decision. 
Directed by Emmanuelle Pickett (USA)


Felipe Guzman, an insecure gay teen, invites the “cool kids” for a sleepover hoping to finally be accepted into the coveted boys’ club. To his dismay, he finds himself on the peripherals of their inside jokes and homophobic jabs. As the kids grow more intoxicated, Guzman realizes he’s not the only one with secrets and being accepted into the group might cost him more than a few drinks.
Directed by Pedro Bitar (USA)

Kate Allen is Getting a Life

Kate Allen (20s) is an aspiring young novelist who’s failing in all aspects of her life. Her novel, ‘Death Metropolitan Style’, has been rejected by a series of publishing companies. Sharing an apartment with her gay roommate Joe (20s), Kate can barely pay her rent which has just been raised – again. Kate seeks help from her wealthy parents, Harold and Lily Allen (50s), who insist that it’s time for Kate to take charge of her life.
Directed by Linda Stuart (USA)

A Good Story

A middle school teacher who wants desperately to be a big-shot writer in Hollywood struggles to come up with an idea for a screenplay contest, until his characters start to appear to him in real life.
Directed by Marcus Mullen (Canada)