The Condition of Love

In this short video we explore the meaning of love in people’s lives and in the world through a combination of visuals and words that aims to take the viewer on a journey leading to both intellectual and emotional enlightenment.
Directed by Martine Oien (Norway)


Charlie and Holden are taking a walk when they find two pairs of sunglasses on a park bench. Only to find out that through the lens of these glasses, the world seems like a much better place (or so they think…)
Directed by Tim Bucknam (USA)


“Scavenge” is a short film commenting on the disconnect between modern society and our natural surroundings, questioning our ability to survive within it. With the term Modern Man or Alpha Male being thrown around loosely these days to describe what constitutes as the definition of masculinity. So what would happen if you washed up on a deserted beach with nothing in your pockets but a waterlogged iPhone and your car keys?
Directed by Gavin Bellinger (Australia)

The Wish & The Wisp

Two bickering siblings learn the true value of friendship and the magic of believing, when they find a real wish and encounter the menacing creature who wants it back!
Directed by Vashmere Valentine (USA)

Jacob’s Kiss

On his wedding night, a young groom experiences flashbacks to his childhood sexual abuse as he prepares to be physically intimate with his bride for the first time.
Directed by Michael Figari (USA)

The Topaz Troop

Troop leader Jane, and her ambitious pup, Coco, have planned an adventurous camping trip for The Topaz Troop. After the weather ruins their plan, Jane discovers that Coco is afraid of thunderstorms and Claire, one of the scout members, is afraid of the dark. The Topaz Troop must work together to help Claire and Coco think of unique ways to face their fears while putting a positive spin on a rainy day.
Directed by Tori Ewing (USA)