Jim is a young writer from out of town, who gets invited to LA for winning a writing contest. He then finds a lost cell phone. In his gallant effort to return the phone the its rightful owner, gets a taste of LA that changes the course of his life.
Directed by Zane Johnson (USA)

Red Wire Blue Wire

Marty thought being strapped to a ticking time bomb was bad enough…and then Trish arrives.

Insurance broker Marty, having been held at gunpoint, is now strapped to a bomb with only six minutes left on the clock. His saviour Trish, lead bomb disposal officer, has more on her hands than stopping it from going off. They’ve had history, they’ve kept secrets and both of them won’t stop arguing about coffee! 
Directed by Charlotte Rose (Australia)


Once famous L.A. screenwriter, now black-listed, is running on empty. He must hire a Ghost Writer for any chance of a restart. How far would you go, to come back?
Directed by Lawrence Whitener (USA)

A Life So Precious

Heartbroken and grief stricken, a widowed father, who lost his only son, finds a scapegoat in the emergency dispatcher whom he had a brief interaction with. When he sees an opportunity to remind her how fragile life is, his intended threat becomes a reality. 
Written by Debby Huvaere (USA)

A Piece of Stone

It is the story of the 2 friends who went to Historic city on their Christmas Holiday. It is the story of their small journey in Hotel room where they found treasure and lost everything else. It is the story of friendship and greed. 
Story starts when 2 friends enter into one of the ancient hotel/Lodge as they could not find the hotel they were looking and booked earlier due to heavy snowfall. They finally took one small room/studio in some wandering Lodge for one night. In that night they just planned to drink and enjoy. Suddenly, they found one hidden room in that studio. They got hold of some hidden treasure box in that room which have 6 piece of gold. They struggled a lot together to earn that treasure from down heaven like situation in the hidden room. Finally, they won that treasure box and time comes to distribute treasure among 3 of them (2 friends and receptionist). At last there is one piece of diamond left undistributed and this one piece of diamond led to the final and conclusive struggle of these 3 characters of the story. Finally in the twist and turn no one is able to get even single piece of gold and lost the entire treasure found due their greed.
Directed by Anshumaan Bajaj (UK)

The Mask I Wear

A man beat down and weathered by social norms is challenged with balancing a conservative family life while coming to terms with his own reality.
Directed by Brett Newton (USA)

Losing My Religion

Junior’s dad, a religious fanatic is hassled with his son’s half-heartedness in the church. In the verge of making Junior become as devoted as he is, he mandates him to participate in church vigils, even special teachings with the church pastor. 
Directed by Damilola E. Orimogunje (Nigeria)