The Colorado Street Bridge Project

Built in 1913, the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, California is known as an example of Beaux Art Architecture. Unfortunately it has also been known as the Suicide bridge ever since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Recently there has been a dramatic increase in suicide attempts which has caused great discomfort to the local residents and further threatens the reputation of the bridge as a historical landmark. The documentary takes the audiences on a journey to find a solution to deter suicide.
Directed by Guy Zhuoqin Yang (China)


Five years after the death of their parents, two brothers reunite to try to understand the emotional mechanism of the other who faced the great tragedy of their family. The aggressive interaction of both men forces their awareness of their own choices that have decisively influenced their destiny.
Directed by Kevin Austra (USA)

Born To Die

In the not too distant future, The Bournemount corporation, a technologically formidable corporation, creates a powerful but unreliable experiment. And so, they decide to destroy it. However, assistant scientist, Colin Kampf, believes that this is wrong and steals it. Bournemount notices and sends everyone out after him to retrieve what is rightfully theirs.
Directed by Thomas McQuillan (UK)

Kuo’s Eyes

After suffering a brutal attack, eight-year-old Kuo is found in the woods without his eyes. With the help of his stuffed animal Bainfu, whose bright red eyes Kuo uses as a guide, he sets off on a journey to find the mysterious faceless woman who stole his sight from him.
Directed by O.B. De Alessi (Italy)


“Grind” is a story of anxiety and insecurity run rampant as an insecure but stubborn young gay man named Kaleb obtains a gym membership and hires a personal trainer to improve his physique. Although initially unsuccessful in negotiating the labyrinth of exercise machines and intimidating body masses, with the help of his patient personal trainer named Travis, Kaleb overcomes his nerves and finds a strength within himself that he never knew he had.
Directed by Jesse Ung (New Zealand)


A five-year-old girl is caught in the middle of a struggle between her recently widowed father and his elderly aunt who disagree on how best to adapt to the customs and laws of their newly adopted home in the United Kingdom. The aunt’s failure to abandon ancient African tribal traditions, including the harmful practice of FGM or female genital mutilation, leads to potentially devastating consequences for the young girl. All six characters in the film are played by one remarkable female actor, Mimi Ndiweni.
Directed by Terrence Turner (Canada)

God is Horny

Katrin Butt shows people, a performance, plays a scene as a nun, and she says she wants to sleep with God. Then you can see her sleeping with God.
Directed by Katrin Butt (Austria)