Dancing on Black and White

Liu Hao, the blind pianist, tells the journey and struggles of how he and his mother left their home town in China to search for his chance to pursue his passion and perform in many of America’s most prestige music halls.
Directed by John Li (USA)


With increasing violence in his neighborhood, a young man, Reece, fights for his community regardless of the consequences.
Directed by Dusan Brown (USA)


After getting fired, young single-mom Beth (Vivian Kerr) finds herself living in her car and struggles to hide her homelessness from her estranged brother Ben (Anthony Rapp).
Directed by Leena Pendharkar (USA)

Eugene vs Humanity

When a misanthrope finds his ever-growing frustration with society too much to bear, his temper boils over, leading him to commit an act of violence.
Directed by Michael David Charles Hicks (USA)

The Lost Mine

The story of Jacob Waltz based in a real life in the Arizona 1960, well known as The Dutch Man an old miner and sole prospector who killed and commit a lot of crimes in order of keeping his mine , a rich gold of all imagination, spend more time of his life protecting the mine than prospecting, by the time his life was ending , while he was dying in his bed, Jacob tried to clear his conscience before giving maps or directions to a young miner Dick Homes who was next to his bed. In the agony of death the old miner asked for water as his mouth dried, but about the water there was an old revenge, Jacob died without giving the orientation of the mine, and the young miner left with out knowledge of the exact location, but he took his revenge.
Directed by Mauriel Morejon (USA)

At the End of the World

In an apocalyptic future, a lonely government worker finds solace in a still hopeful soldier during the very last World War. But their future together is threatened when the soldier is sent back into battle.
Directed by Fon Davis (USA)

Mr Punchbag

In the backstreets of inner city London, a broken man exists as a human punchbag for hire.
Directed by Shirit Kedar, Frank Burke and Gavin O’ Brien (UK)