After his breakup from the woman of his dreams, Evan, a hopeless romantic, is visited by a strange creature who has been following Evan since his first girlfriend dumped him. The creature named Leemo offers to take away Evan’s emotions so that he may never feel heartbroken again. 
Directed by Drew Smith and August Rice (USA)


“Three” is an experimental documentation of revelations of self, wander, curiosity, playfulness, and longing through a road trip.
Directed by Bo Nawacharee (USA)

Dancing on Black and White

Liu Hao, the blind pianist, tells the journey and struggles of how he and his mother left their home town in China to search for his chance to pursue his passion and perform in many of America’s most prestige music halls.
Directed by John Li (USA)


With increasing violence in his neighborhood, a young man, Reece, fights for his community regardless of the consequences.
Directed by Dusan Brown (USA)


After getting fired, young single-mom Beth (Vivian Kerr) finds herself living in her car and struggles to hide her homelessness from her estranged brother Ben (Anthony Rapp).
Directed by Leena Pendharkar (USA)

Eugene vs Humanity

When a misanthrope finds his ever-growing frustration with society too much to bear, his temper boils over, leading him to commit an act of violence.
Directed by Michael David Charles Hicks (USA)