“Tino” tells the story of a lifelong cattleman whose dedication to ranching surpasses the modern-day forces challenging his way of life. As Northern California experiences severe drought, expanding vineyards, and the declining price of beef, Tino adapts to changing conditions and continues to nurture the cattle, ranch, and woman he loves.
Directed by Robin Hauser (USA)

Karma Coma

François, a young student, is arrested in the street by a stranger saying he needs medicine. François decides to give him a twenty-euro bill… but he is very far from suspecting the consequences of his gesture.
Directed by Guillaume Courty (France)

Crypto Heads The Movie

“Crypto Heads The Bitcoin Movie” is very real and very entertaining. The old saying “money is root for all evil” has never been better said. It’s a fast moving hard driving splash with gorgeous backdrops of Orange County’s coast, New York and Beverly Hills. “Crypto Heads” will turn many heads and that’s a promise.
Directed by Daniel J Gillin (USA)

Fractured Souls

A conflicted man named Bill takes out his frustrations on a co-worker, which results in a confrontation revealing a devastating truth. Bill is left to examine his own life and actions soon after.
Directed by Eliezer Vergara (USA)

So, How Did You And Dad Meet?

Dan just got fired. Nina got hired. 1 law firm, 2 love-struck barristers – and 1 pity snog. Game on. “So, How Did You And Dad Meet?” is a modern, fun, intercultural romantic comedy about the challenges of dating in the era of Brexit, workaholism and female empowerment.
Directed by Zara Plessard (Germany)

As the Earth Turns

As the Earth Turns” (Unreleased 1938 film, available for the first time in 80 years).
In 1937, in Seattle, a twenty-year-old budding filmmaker using his own equipment had already created 58 plays and 9 never released award-winning films. This director would go on to work for Disney, and eventually create an Academy Award-winning documentary in 1950. Richard H. Lyford’s films have developed a following among film-historians around the world. His early “amateur” films are some of the first “indie” films ever created outside of Hollywood. Lyford experimented with special effects, and models, and was becoming an excellent director. His final film of this era was “As the Earth Turns”. It was filmed in the Pacific Northwest, in and around Seattle.
“As the Earth Turns”, is presented for the first time after 80 years of development! To finish his vision, a professionally mixed orchestral soundtrack, by NW film composer, Ed Hartman has been added to the presentation.

Save My Soul

“Save My Soul” is the third single music video from Cliff Beach’s The Gospel According to Cliff Beach. It is an art piece shedding a light on the homelessness and veteran’s issues in LA.
Directed by Brian Sturges (USA)