The lives of a young couple are changed forever in one night when they get mugged and locked in the trunk of their own car.
Directed by Micky Levy (USA)

Worn Stories Of Rwanda

“Worn Stories of Rwanda” visualizes the creativeness of local fashion designer and artist, Cedric Mizero. The film follows Cedric’s words, views and thoughts – leading his journey from an initial spark of inspiration on towards presenting his new collection at a Kigali fashion show. While Cedric’s character shines out through his stories about his home and childhood, the film also illustrates unknown insights on Rwandan culture.
Directed by Daniel Theo Giesen (Germany)

Unhappy Holiday

Though we generally associate the holidays with merry and bright feelings, let’s face it, a Christmas of blue is certainly familiar to us all, and singer/songwriter Katie Garibaldi does a masterful job conveying a tears-in-your-beer holiday scenario with her new song and music video “Unhappy Holiday.” The video, shot in Nashville, TN, harkens back to the classic honky-tonk, whiskey drinking, and live music playing Music City, and the vintage country aesthetic suits the classic country sound of the tune perfectly. In the video, Garibaldi plays a heartbroken singer, crooning, “So God help me find strength in this lonely, numbing drink ‘cause I don’t want to have an unhappy holiday,” as her bandmates try to console her while the rest of the bar patrons are full of holiday cheer. The scenes also include a magical Christmas tree farm and a cozy nook by the fire. But don’t let the title “Unhappy Holiday” fool you; watch the video through to the end to see the true Christmas spirit take full effect.
Directed by Anna Haas (USA)


A teenager who lives in his own organized, punctual, perfect world meets a girl who turns everything upside down.
Directed by Federica Cipolla (Italy)

Pretty Little Bubbles

“Pretty Little Bubbles” is a powerful and emotional short film about ex-soldier Terry coping with life after Afghanistan, whilst struggling to raise his West Ham supporting twin daughters. highlighting PTSD and disability.
Directed by James Garrett (UK)

Mission Ouroboros

After realizing his girlfriend is a double agent, the protagonist Brian has been involved in a secret mission to help the covert team to fix the current circumstances. How to get through the tough situation and get her girlfriend back safely become the big problem he needs to solve. There is a big decision waiting for him to make.
Directed by Xingyu Li (USA)


An international student from Vietnam coming to America, struggling to find a voice for herself in a classroom that seems so quicky judgmental of her ethnicity.
Directed by An Phan (USA)

At Maria’s

A child befriends a homeless guy outside his neighborhood corner store and without realizing it he brings things into perspective for the down and out gentleman.
Directed by Andrew Stennett (Australia)