Dancer By The Sea

A lonely widowed older woman who lives by the sea finds and adopts an abandoned baby otter on her property. The relationship that develops transforms her life.
Directed by Barbara Mones (USA)

Just Call Me Ripley

“Just Call Me Ripley” is a coming out story where nobody cries! This comedic web series centers on Ripley who’s group of diverse, queer, wacky friends will support her no matter what she decides about her sexuality – but that doesn’t always make things easier… (Ok maybe there’s a little crying).
Directed by Cassie Ahiers (USA)


The symbolic diversity gives the thread confusing depth. Ambiguity is told by the inside when one looks into the subconscious through the keyhole of this subject. The thread as a symbol is a tool to tell stories from that area of the psyche which are difficult to access through words. A symbol seems deeper and more unconscious, it is both individually and socially charged by the passing of time. The film uses the thread to tell a personal, inner story. Through the associative form and the free visual language, the viewer should also find access to his own, perhaps hidden, inner stories. 
Directed by Tanja Leitgeb (Austria)


Aman’s wife is missing and he has suspicions on his best friend amit later founds out that, amit and his wife doesn’t exist, and he is suffering from dissociative identity disorder.
Directed by Neeraj Kumar (India)

Setdec and Props: Anthony Skinner

“SetDec and Props” is a short film concept that tells a complete visual story with set decoration, props, music, and sound; without dialogue. It’s up to the audience’s imagination to not only put together the visual clues left behind but also potentially envision an even bigger story beyond the images. In this particular short film, we’ll dive into the life and mind of Anthony Skinner.
Directed by Lalo Dominguez (Guatemala)

Play The Hits

CJ and Lauren are bandmates and best friends, but everything changes when CJ entangles their upstart punk band with a commercial record label giant. Will their friendship survive pop music and Colin Hanks? Each episode features a performance of one of Lauren and CJ’s original songs.
Directed by CJ Ballesteros and Lauren Moon (USA)


An Indian FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) Kay, arrives in America to go to business school only to be informed by her neighbor Bina (also Indian…but very different from know.. all immigrants are not the same) that her roommate ran off to be a Hollywood star. Fate conspires to bring Kay and Ashanti (also abandoned at the 11th hour by her roommate) together as roomies – two humans from different worlds. “FOBia” follows the three women as they make their way through cultural misunderstandings and general mayhem.

“FOBia” is a comedy that humanizes the immigrant experience. By centering immigrants in this story we actually hear from immigrants rather than just about them. We understand the challenges they go through – big and small. In a time when there is a lot of discussion in America about what immigrants mean to America, FOBia seeks to find out what America means to immigrants.
Directed by Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke (USA)

Amazing Racers

Racers overcome tremendous odds to succeed in a high stakes sport. They are exceptional leaders who embody teamwork. Their profession demands it. None of this is lost on kids. Racers Who Care provides children all over the world with access to these extraordinary men and women in order to ask questions and hear their stories. These elite individuals energize basic steps to reach goals by walking kids through a roadmap to achieve them. It is personal, it is motivating, and it is life changing for young people. This short documentary film introduces us to some of the “Amazing Racers” from Racers Who Care.
Directed by Susan Colleen Snell (USA)