Tetrastatum: An Introduction to Psychothotonix, The Discovery of New Universes

“I think therefore I am,” says Descartes’s thotonic skeleton of the past. Tetrastatum is the ultimate test of Descartes’s philosophical truth. We are transported through the tunnel of institutionalized insanity as helpless voyeurs perceiving existence through Smith’s eyes as a non-matter image freely flowing in all space-time universes. Dr. Smith’s complete mental meltdown takes us on a dualistic journey as a “Time Smith” exploring the meaning of reality and the human psyche.
Directed by Dr. Richard and Tim Smith (USA)


The cinematic piece follows a troubled young woman fighting for her life after being trapped in her world where danger seemingly lurks around every corner — and her own dark, downwardly spiralling impulses may be her only real enemy as she struggles to find her path to escape and recovery. 
Directed by Davey White (Canada)

F*ck U! In the Most Loving Way

“F*ck U! In the Most Loving Way” is a short documentary film that follows a group of talented feminist activists as they stage a controversial DIY national feminist art exhibition during the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign. See what a collective of feminist artists, curators, gallerists and academics learned from organizing an art exhibition in San Francisco over a seven-month period that culminated with the historic Women’s March of January 21, 2017.
Directed by Mido Lee (USA)

Welcome to the Family

After years of living independently, a blocked toilet forces Marie to move (temporary?!?) back to her Nonna’s house. Will Marie be able to reconnect with the family she’s kept at arm’s length or will she simply go mad at Nonna’s with the 5 am wake up calls and the nightly four-hour dinners?
Directed by Angela Pezzano (Australia)

Dancer By The Sea

A lonely widowed older woman who lives by the sea finds and adopts an abandoned baby otter on her property. The relationship that develops transforms her life.
Directed by Barbara Mones (USA)

Just Call Me Ripley

“Just Call Me Ripley” is a coming out story where nobody cries! This comedic web series centers on Ripley who’s group of diverse, queer, wacky friends will support her no matter what she decides about her sexuality – but that doesn’t always make things easier… (Ok maybe there’s a little crying).
Directed by Cassie Ahiers (USA)