The Last Day

“The Last Day” tells of Clyde who, facing his own shadows, is conflicted between his past and a potential positive future.
Directed by Michael Moser (UK)

Working On Air

A man comes to Australia on working holiday, full of home. Within a day of arrival, he loses all his possessions and struggles to find the meaning of life. He finds a new life through sky diving.
Directed by Robbin D. Li (Australia)

Tin Man

Two struggling street performers rival one another until they realize the importance of their amalgamation.
“Tin Man” is a visual piece that follows a struggling street performer who learns that it’ll take an unlikely adversary to garner success in his craft. When the Tin Man comes to town, he finds that his talents go unrecognized. After several tough performances and severe intimidation from the rival performers, the Tin Man is at his all-time low and ready to quit. It is only when he sees himself as a worthy, “gold” individual that he musters up the strength to keep at his craft. In continuing, he befriends his rival, and as a combined force, they are able to bring people together in a way they haven’t been able to before.
Directed by Brannen Haderle (USA)

With Everything, Double

Rea Rose (aka Double) is a 20-year-old artist from the Bay Area, currently living in Oakland, who proves to herself every day that no obstacle can take away her passion.
Directed by Jasmin Riedel (USA)

Assassin Camp

David, an awkward teen with anger issues, is brought to what he believes is a pre-college film program by his schmuck of a father. During orientation, David meets Harley, an enthusiastic teen. David gets confused when she says she shoots 9mm instead of 8mm. The first presentation given by the instructor, Charles, discusses how to get the perfect headshot. David thinks that Charles is talking about photography and answers accordingly. At lunch, John, a loudmouthed attendee of the camp, decides to trip David and taunt him for the peculiar answer he gave earlier. When David confronts John, John pulls out a knife and demands David get him a slice of pie. Harley gives David her slice of pie which he, in turn, gives to John. John dies several moments later. To David’s surprise, Charles and his peers end up laughing and cheering for the death, and Harley is ecstatic to take all the credit. David, stunned and paralyzed, continues on to the next camp activity, “bringing a sword to a gunfight”. Charles picks Harley, and against her wishes, he picks David as her opponent. Harley snatches the sword while David runs for the gun. David picks it up but hesitates to fire and nearly gets sliced by Harley. Lying the ground, David levels his gun, closes his eyes and fires. Once again, the whole camp applauds the slaughter. Upon murdering his peer, David has a near mental breakdown in which he shouts out that all he really wanted was to go to film camp. Charles has an Ah-Ha moment and explains to David that the film camp is happening on the other side of campus. Chaos ensues.
Directed by Dan Gelles (USA)


After losing his wife & child to tragic events, a successful attorney falls deep into depression and then finds himself homeless with nothing left to live for. And all the remains from his past is a letter written to him by his daughter.
Directed by T.J. Penton (USA)


They have named Iran as the Calipa territory, which means the cross. The age of this mysterious symbol comes to the well long ago. Calipa is the most used in everyday life of the Qashqai people as those used in tattoos, in carpets and handicrafts products. This is a strong belief in fertilizzante prottetore power. The vertical line is the symbol of being, endurance, masculinity. The horizontal line is the symbol of the nullity, night, calm, femininity and loss.
Directed by Mohammad Hadi Esfandyari (Iran)

An Aspirational Space

After her relationship abruptly ends, a woman isolates herself in a new apartment and attempts to rebuild her life. Her sister recommends a pop-wellness, self-help guide that focuses on organizing, tidying, and simplifying life, written by an artist-turned-newsletter writer-turned influencer. As she falls deeper into the world of the book, the woman finally feels in control of her life for the first time in years – but nothing can stop her as she attempts to obtain, and maintain, An Aspirational Space.
Directed by GG Hawkins (USA)


The insurance sales agent A., who was walking in the rare redevelopment complex, is confused by the manager about the appointment time. A. throws an irritated ice cream on the bike. The motorcycle slides on the ice cream, and the delivery cause B. is pierced into the iron pipe which is the construction material. A. confesses that he had accidentally thrown a drink to B., but B. is angry. If you help B, you will have to take responsibility for the little ‘mistake’ you made. However, if A. does not report on this unfamiliar street, B. will be killed.
Directed by Muhammad Smith (South Korea)

Sound Language

In the beginning, words lead to hate, hate to war and war to destruction. Words were outlawed and soon forgotten. Giving birth to the language of sound. Centuries later, the land is scarce, consumed by an endless storm. Distant tribes have gathered in the hopes that an outcast can heal the world through the power of unity.
Directed by Scott Poiley (USA)