Anywhere Else

A young girl longs for a life more exciting than her small town suburbia. With no way to escape, she immerses herself in the world of her books.
Directed by Anabella Mortenson (USA)

Team MeowSA

Lily is a fiercely dedicated athlete who made her Olympic debut in the 2018 Pyeongmeow Olympics, competing in the Feather Jump Competition for Team MeowSA. This short documentary traces Lily’s journey from rescue kitten with her new sibling Kevin to her dreams of Olympic gold. Her Feather Jump is not to be missed! So curl up in a cozy chair, get a saucer of your favorite milk, and hold onto your whiskers!
Directed by Trey Nichols (USA)

Love in the 21st Century

Stuck in a failing relationship Rebecca and Kevin make an unusual choice to keep the spark alive. This hilarious mockumentary short follows the awkward complexities of romance in modern Britain.
Directed by Tom Bulpett and Charlie Sturgeon (UK)

Prom Time!

Upon overhearing her teen daughters recount their dating experiences while getting ready on prom night, Judy accidentally drugs herself with Chinese herbal medicine spiraling her into a gaudy sexual fantasy with the class hunk.
Directed by Jessica Liu (USA)


Wiki is a autistic, and curious young girl, who has to face really harsh reality of living with an alcoholic mother after her grandmother dies. Luckily amongst all this chaos, she meets Mateusz – a huge fan of Warsaw city busses – who brings back real sunshine to her life.
Directed by Veronica Andersson (Poland)


When most people have inexplicably disappeared from the Earth, two families must find their way to The After in order to survive. But when they stumble across another survivor, they realize that finding their way there might be more challenging than they first thought.
Directed by Shaun Peter Cunningham (USA)