Nate is an actor and dogwalker doing whatever he can do to keep the lights on in NYC, even if it means fighting to live for a dream.
Directed by Jonathan Levy (USA)

Attack of the Cat People

In 1940, a group of Scientists ( Jessica Ham, Peter O’Hanlon, John Gorman, Wayne Bassett, Brad Phillips & Emma Critchell) discovered the remains a of Meteorite floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Little do they know they are not alone?
Directed by Sarah Marie Stephenson (Australia)

The Virgin Amus

“The Virgin Amus” is about a man who loved his job working at a clean-energy-hot-dog-factory, until one day, he found out that he was mysteriously pregnant. 
Our story begins six months later, where a very pregnant Amus has exiled himself to an abandoned desert town. A smooth-talking oil heiress, Kate Sinclair, travels to Amus’s trailer to buy his land, that happens to be sitting on a lucrative amount of oil.

They say things happen in the desert night that no one can explain. This is one of those nights.
Directed by Malie Mason (USA)

A Dinner Affair

Alexis, an ambitious and competitive college student, believes that she can have it all – stellar academics, numerous accolades, a successful career and best of all, a handsome and rich fiancé. However, when Alexis and her new fiancé, Derrick, visit her family to announce their engagement, their picturesque relationship is rocked by a shocking accusation, proving that everything is not always what it seems.
Directed by Olivia Johnson (USA)


After meeting at a trade show, tentative, 40-something Paul accepts the offer of a night cap from the gorgeous 20-something Julia but is she really interested in him or is there something else that she’s after? Both have secrets and soon Paul is dealing with the unexpected consequences of accepting a late-night drink.

Through the lens of jet-black comedy, 9862 explores what happens when two damaged individuals, who have both failed to deal with their issues, are joined in a seemingly impossible situation.
Directed by Giles Greenwood (UK)

Rebuilding History: Three Miles Across The Hudson

Sixty years ago the historic Tappan Zee Bridge was built across the Hudson River to connect New York City to Westchester county. The bridge not only provided a means of safe transport for commuters but was essential to building a thriving community in Westchester county and the rest of New York State.

‘Rebuilding History: Three Miles Across the Hudson” tells a powerful story of a bridge that was no longer safe to travel, a state government who never gave up their efforts to have the Tappan Zee bridge rebuilt and the Carpenters who gave it all to ensure that this new bridge would not only be safe for their community but ensure safety for generations to come.

This powerful documentary capitalizes on the diversity of the Carpenters and the most highly skilled craftsmen on the largest infrastructure project to date. We not only learn about their skills and determination to get the project completed, but we also have a front-row seat to see a brotherhood that supports each other both on and off the project and the pride that they take in going to work every day to build something larger than any of us can imagine. 
Directed by Adam J. Boyer and Eric Keneifel (USA)


While preparing for the biggest party of the year, Clinton and Jessica take their own funky path by rejecting mainstream music and accepting their own groovy tastes.
Directed by Ellis J. Sutton (USA)

Where Dreams Rest

In this poetic, impressionistic, realistic coming-of-age film, Ah Wei, a young woman from rural China, decides to cross the US-Mexico border through the underground tunnel to reunite with her husband in the United States. She soon realizes the journey is not about the crossing, but about mending the discrepancies between expectations and reality once she gets there.
Directed by Elaine Wong (USA)