Indie Short Fest

You’ve Got Text

When the family dinner is interrupted by texts for Claire’s new stepmom, Marie, Marie explains them away as work texts but Claire has her suspicions and takes on drastic tactics to protect her beloved father, Richard.
Directed by Matthew Moore (USA)


An isolated chalet in a snowy forest… A man blinded by alcohol… A woman unable to rebel… And an 8-year-old child troubled and dark… The silent night is broken with cries… the start of a terrible nightmare!
“Man’s biggest fear has risen again!”.
Directed by Davide Melini (UK)

Box Office Smash

The story of Office Man, who works in a box. He seems content fulfilling the requirements of his daily routine until a computer error changes everything.
Directed by Phil Dunn (UK)

At Your Disposal

Darcy and Ryan’s imaginations run wild, leaning towards the macabre when the neighbor runs the garbage disposal at all hours of the night.
Directed by Diana Lee Woody (USA)

The Mystery of Le Madelon

Three friends are given a school project in which they must film and tell a story using only three words. A strange event occurs, and our three friends find themselves in the middle of mystery.
Directed by Demetrius Hill (USA)

Travellers in Time

“Travellers in Time” is the official music video and lead song from the Australian musical ‘Audrey Hepburn and I Consider Our Assets’ about a young Melbourne girl who can’t keep Audrey Hepburn out of her head and her therapy sessions.
Directed by Noel Anderson (Australia)