Indie Short Fest

Treading Yesterday

“Treading Yesterday”, an original series plays out through a multi-decade storytelling witnessed through the eyes of Eric, a soon to be a middle-aged gay man, who has lived what appears to be a charmed life. The pilot episode opens as a present-day drama however by midpoint the timeline resets to 1988, in a historical fiction format, during a period in time when monumental anti-gay backlash had been orchestrated.
“Treading Yesterday” juxtaposes 1988’s intolerance of gays with present-day acceptance while at the same time revealing the inherent challenges existing in both environments.
Created by Craig Bettendorf (USA)

Runner Boys

Characters Flynn and James are summoned by the crime lord TD to do a “running job”. To capture a briefcase containing valuable information. The two then set out to get The Taxman who was sleeping around and was caught off guard. Meanwhile, a trusted gang member named Chang betrays TD and the runner boys while turning to the Jewish Mafia. In exchange for the whereabouts of The Taxman, the Jewish Mafia leader Joseph gives Change money. The Jewish Mafia then ambushes the two Runner Boys and steals the briefcase. On a rendezvous to deliver the briefcase that has now been stolen, Chang gives the boys a new “Running Job” from TD. Upon opening the letter they realize their new mission is to kill Chang.
Directed by Dante Dunlap (Canada)

VISTA: The Story of a Shooting Victim

Entirely self-financed by two young filmmakers, VISTA presents a unique perspective on mass shootings, being the first documentary to provide a first-person perspective into the intimate and raw experiences of a shooting victim. Focusing specifically on one university student shot six times, and the witnesses that saved his life in May 2014, Isla Vista school shooting, VISTA further delves into how a tight-knit college community used strength, resilience, and support to overcome their darkest moment. Moreover, this film aims to spark a conversation about finding solutions to gun violence in America.
Directed by Patrick Michaud (Canada)

The Lost Basket

“The Lost Basket” is the story of two men who set out on an adventure to discover a seemingly hidden treasure somewhere in North America.
Directed by Kevin Anton (USA)

Composizione Gourmet

By the time Gioachino Rossini composes his opera “La Gazza Ladra”, he is interrupted by the desire for a snack! This action will plunge him into a dreamlike delirium that will only end once his masterpiece is completed! G.R finally realizes his dream; mixing his two greatest passions to arrive at his ideal masterpiece: a “composizione gourmet” where musical art blends perfectly with culinary art.
Directed by Benjamin Favre (France)


On the run and desperate, Carter’s parents hide out in a desolate cabin hoping the creature won’t find them — but it’s Carter who learns monsters don’t live under the bed.
Directed by Douglas Sullivan (USA)

Where Flowers Bloom

“Give me my flowers while I’m here,” was a common phrase spoken by Laila Ray, the late grandmother of Marlanna Evans, a small town girl from North Carolina – also an emcee known to the world as Rapsody. This wisdom, that was instilled at a young age, gave Rapsody a perspective and drive which allowed her to be resilient towards her dream in order to share her voice with the world. As she breaks through a male-dominated music industry, that provides increasingly narrow roles for women, Rapsody uses her art to express challenges, lessons and frustrations that she faces while creating her own path.