Indie Short Fest


“The Rooftops” music video is a story about a boy in love, centered around the lyric “Rollin’ like it’s high school fantasy”.
Directed by Odeya Rush (Australia)

Tiny House

After not speaking to each other since their mom’s death nine years before, three misfit siblings return home to squabble over their last remaining inheritance – the family home.
Directed by Owen Williams and Merry Grissom (USA)

Tax Evasion: A Greek National Sport

A short documentary that attempts to explain the mentality of the Greek taxpayers and their view on tax evasion. The journey of a Greek filmmaker to find the reasons why tax evasion rates in Greece are that high. A funny approach in an otherwise boring subject of taxes. The film juxtaposes the opinion of the Greek community versus what has been considered as the main view of that subject.
Directed by Kelly Sarri (Greece)


“Bambi” is a story about the rise and fall of what seems to have quickly turned into a toxic relationship. Bambi struggles with loss, mulling over the past as she travels to what used to be her shared home in the desert to collect her belongings.
Directed by Aly Honore (USA)


“Mirrorcide” is an artistic short film about teenagers and their own image, filtered excessively through the camera phone, about the isolation of the individual caused by the obsession of self-image.
Directed by Mara Cracaleanu (Romania)


A dark entity lingers over Elsie. A daily struggle, impaired thoughts and emotions causing her to lose contact with external reality.
Directed by Chris Fudge (Canada)

Just Two Dads

“Just Two Dads” takes a dramatic look into the melancholy faced by the middle-average father. The story closely examines how the day to day lives of a father quickly devolves into a long-form passage through the stages of grief… while their children still remain alive.
Starting from birth, parents face denial that their children will ever leave. Anger that they are not appreciated for all they do. Bargaining that they could have/should be doing a better job. Depressed by the thought of losing a friend. And finally, hopefully, parents will learn to accept that children are people as well.
“Just Two Dads” is a dramatic expression of loss, love and baseball.
Directed by Paul Persic (Canada)