Indie Short Fest


Vicente, a lawyer who is about to move out of town for work, receives a visit from Nora, a young girl who reaches out to him due to a case of workplace harassment. Vicente will relive an error from the past he already had forgotten about.
Directed by Edgar Montserrat (Spain)

Color Me Done

A woman dates an artist with the ability to change things with a simple swipe of his brush; little does she realize he wants to change her too.
Directed by Dominic Garcia (USA)


Thinky constantly lip syncs his music, so an irritated god makes the singer fart uncontrollably. But eventually Thinky learns his lesson and begins to use his fart as a superpower.
Directed by Thinky Siqi Xiao and Majik Jingwei Zhou (USA)


The lives of a young couple are changed forever in one night when they get mugged and locked in the trunk of their own car.
Directed by Micky Levy (USA)

Worn Stories Of Rwanda

“Worn Stories of Rwanda” visualizes the creativeness of local fashion designer and artist, Cedric Mizero. The film follows Cedric’s words, views and thoughts – leading his journey from an initial spark of inspiration on towards presenting his new collection at a Kigali fashion show. While Cedric’s character shines out through his stories about his home and childhood, the film also illustrates unknown insights on Rwandan culture.
Directed by Daniel Theo Giesen (Germany)