Indie Short Fest

The Beauty of It

Silent short film about a man who thinks he’s spotted an iconic Brigitte Bardot type in a library and continues to pursue her in a 1960s style gentle comedy.
Directed by Cameron Moon (UK)


The cosmic breath quickens the germinal of life. In the ocean primeval Biogenesis begins, the capture of form through molecular machineries with mandalic like living matrices. Circles of life patterned into non-linear biological webs. A pioneering biomorphic organism emerges that seems natural and alien all at once, evokes the atmosphere of evolving domains of organismic primordial life in aqueous womb-like environments and contemplative realm; soon birthing a fruitful body of a liminal being of hominid lineage.
Directed by Reggie Davis (USA)


The main character creates a crypto currency which overcomes banks’ protection by using the powers of PC, smartphones, and smart devices. Crypto currency becomes immensely popular due to the fact that the users who overcome banks’ protection get the bank’s money. As a result, there are more users and more banks go bankrupt. The main character who launched the process does not realize the scale of what is happening and goes for a walk. While the software developer is walking around, the world finance system is being ruined. The money loses its value, corporations collapse, governments break down. As evening comes the character is exposed to a strange event. Two bands of technomagicians attack him.
Directed by Mykhailo Andriiets (USA)

Give + Take

Caring is easy. Surviving is hard. A comedy of errors hits hard when a slacker becomes a caregiver to a crusty Scottish senior resulting in mishap and mayhem.
Directed by Armand Hamouth (Canada)


Tensions run high in a lustful love-triangle over the course of a mystical dinner scene. “Arachnoid” is a student project that was shot in Berkeley, CA and features local Bay Area cast and crew, as well as student filmmakers from the UC.
Directed by Michael Safarian (USA)