Indie Short Fest


An eleven-year-old boy deals with the singularities of autism and a late 30’s MMA fighter faces the delicate moment of retirement. Both stories converge in a deep and exciting encounter, which triggers in each other the solutions to overcome their issues. The film is based on true characters.
Directed by Camila Rizzo (USA)

Existence: Age of Discovery

Vivian roams the desert in search of ancient artifacts, hoping they can provide answers about her world. Once she discovers the truth from her creator, she is set on a path to reconnect with a lost love.
Directed by Jordan L. Riley (USA)

Greater Fool

This dark comedic piece wrestles with the idea of love and gender-roles. Are men really only after one thing and do women really still believe in love? Who is corrupting whom at this point? Story: Tommy is a romantic at heart but his love life just doesn’t seem to take off. So he finally visits Stella, a once-renowned beautiful and empowering “love-doctor”, only to find a now alcoholic, disheveled and cynical woman, who is trying to convince him that love does not exist. The question remains just who is the Greater Fool in this brief but thought-provoking encounter?
Directed by Julia Strassmann (UK)

The Getaway Kid

A coming of age story revolving around Riley, a young man who suffered childhood trauma, and his battle with his second life as a criminal.
Directed by Jordan Lavery (Canada)


A desperate farmer runs into trouble after he steals blood ivory from a gang of international terrorists.
Directed by Tom Whitworth (Kenya)

Hot Dog

In the crime capital of the world, LAPD officer Morgan was having a just another “regular” bad day in the line of duty. Or not.
Directed by T.J. Yoshizaki (USA)

the sunshine that i love so painfully close

This short experimental text film is a meditation on the private, the personal, and the human. Collapsing boundaries between interior selves and exterior lives, “the sunshine that i love so painfully close” takes an intimate look at several years of one woman’s diary entries, exploring interiority and communication using mental health as lens and landscape.
Directed by Katie King (USA)

Family Day

“Family Day” is a powerful short film about a mid-twenties woman (Kelly O’ Connell) who is finishing up her third stint in rehab at Greenbrier Rehab center in Dobbs Ferry, NY. In the final days of her three months stay, her mother and loving stepdad (Brenda and Richard) come to visit for Family Day. What ensues is unexpected and revealing. Kelly’s sobriety is tested in a myriad of ways by dealing with an avalanche of her mother’s past pains and fears. This looking glass view of sobriety and family dysfunction is compelling and relatable to all.
Directed by Harry O’Reilly (USA)