Indie Short Fest

Boob Sweat

In the summer of 1976, Francis and her two best friends make a creative yet misguided plan to kiss the coolest boys in the seventh grade and are forced to embrace their pubescent awkwardness along the way.
Directed by Charlotte Guerry (USA)


When whip-smart June strikes up a conversation with a charming man at a bar, it doesn’t take long before she realizes he’s married. Instead of backing down, she decides a little verbal sparring might teach him the error of his ways. Unfortunately for June, the lesson to learn isn’t his.
Directed by Alexandra Antonopoulos (USA)

The Wonder

“The Wonder” is a reflective journey exploring the human sense of awe and wonder amidst the landscape and wildlife of Kenya.
This film follows the story of Ninian Lowis, a safari guide who has spent much of his life amongst the wilderness of Africa – surrounded by rich savannah, mountains, forests, deserts and the extraordinary creatures that reside within these very landscapes. The story revolves around his reflections of how nature helped overcome a sense of purposelessness during his youth, and how he came to realize that a sense of solitude and deep exposure to wild environments had the ability to awaken his senses.
Directed by Goh Iromoto (Canada)

Without You

In the darkest night, Maria returns to house between tears. There they wait for his husband, his daughter and a terrible secret.
Directed by Allan J. Arcal (Spain)

Beloved Stranger

“Beloved Stranger” narrates the story of an underground boxer that is blinded by ambition, and whose obsession ends up challenging his relationship and marking his own destiny.
Directed by Marco Gasser and Fabio Gasser (Spain)

Andersen and the Jinn

Experience the First of One Thousand and One Nights.
Young, adventurous writer Hans Christian Andersen is out of ideas and in a hurry to catch the train home when he meets the beautiful yet dangerous Princess Scheherazade of the tales of “One Thousand and One Nights”. He is inspired to save her from being killed by the angry sultan, and thus begins the affair between Andersen and the Princess… Can stories heal souls and perhaps change the world?
Directed by Rogier van Beeck Calkoen (Spain)

Antonio Norales: Garifuna Guardian

A Honduran-born man in the United States campaigns to keep alive the tradition of the Wanaragua dance of the Garifuna people. The dance memorializes the Garifunas’ three-decades-long fight against the British on the island of St. Vincent in the late 18th century, where they escaped the fate of enslavement. The Garifunas are a people descended from the intermingling of Africans and native Arawak Indians. They have their own language, music and religious practices.
Directed by Walker Simon (USA)

Miss Represent

Meet “Kim” (Michaele Nicole). Kim is a woman in her mid-30s who is insanely popular on social media. Selfies are LIFE to her, as is wearing scantily clad outfits to ensure that ALL the men love her, and ALL the women want to be her. If you clicked on her social media profile, you’d think that she has the absolute perfect life. Every single picture she posts is perfect. Every location she posts them from is perfect. Every status update gets thousands of “likes”. You get the picture. She is caught up on social media. The only problem is that most other aspects of her life are empty. She is jobless, homeless, and not as confident. The guy (“Lee” played by Demetrius Lovejoy) who she’s really interested in isn’t at all wrapped up in this online persona.
“Miss Represent” takes the ever familiar social media world and cleverly presents it to viewers in a fashion that is rarely seen on film by taking a social media platform from the internet and turning it into an actual place…a woman’s living room! Every person represents a reaction (like love, haha, angry, sad, and wow). This is a story about how being yourself is always better than “misrepresenting” yourself to the world of social media.
Directed by Ken Lewis (USA)