Indie Short Fest


“Finley” is a cheerfully energetic horror short following the shenanigans of a wooden puppet as he tries to kill a group of college kids who have moved into his house.
Directed by J. Zachary Thurman (USA)

Discourse on the Douchebag

The world’s foremost pseudo-intellectual, Prof. Anita Wrest from Boynken U., lectures on the much maligned douchebag. This is an interactive, multimedia lecture featuring audience participation.
Directed by E. Philip Brown (USA)

Line of Fire

Based on true events, Line of Fire is a thrilling short drama about the consequences of privilege and power after an online disagreement about video games, turns into a violent confrontation.
Directed by Mike Johnston (Canada)

First Time Since

A married couple takes in a drifter and discovers she’s supernatural. Meanwhile, the couple is flooded with memories of a past trauma. Triggered by the supernatural girl, their relationship progresses to a boiling point.
Directed by Nathan Hochstetler (USA)

The Door

After loosing his wife, a grief stricken man must work through his loss in order to move on with his life.
Directed by Christian Stark (USA)

Still Here

Left to their own devices in a flooding house during the wake of a life-threatening hurricane, a caregiver and an elderly patient with differing spiritual beliefs struggle to find hope in each other.
Directed by Troy Charbonnet (USA)