Indie Short Fest

False Minds

For weeks Sarah has been stalked and threatened by Helen, a former friend. One morning Sarah finds herself waking up in a hotel room with her murdered lover next to her. She can‘t remember a thing. Sarah runs away. From the Police. From Helen. From herself.
Directed by Jan Bartels (Germany)


Young farm girl Laura accidentally releases unspeakable evil lurking in the swamps. It’s now up to Laura that will evil raise again.
Directed by Jesse Haaja (Finland)

Ryde or Die

An Uber driver experiences a night of terror after picking up a sadistic killer who forces him to participate in a series of violent and twisted road games.
Directed by Elgin Cahill (USA)


Vicente, a lawyer who is about to move out of town for work, receives a visit from Nora, a young girl who reaches out to him due to a case of workplace harassment. Vicente will relive an error from the past he already had forgotten about.
Directed by Edgar Montserrat (Spain)

Color Me Done

A woman dates an artist with the ability to change things with a simple swipe of his brush; little does she realize he wants to change her too.
Directed by Dominic Garcia (USA)