Indie Short Fest


24 hours in Salar de Uyuni: A man, all alone by himself. Not a single soul around. He wants to be alone, with his thoughts. Just him, his mind and a surreal environment. Until another human being breaks the silence and interrupts this chosen loneliness. Is there an option to gain back his inner freedom? Should he leave? Or is his freedom not really freeing him?
Directed by Markus Stoll (Germany)

Dark Specter II

The fiery fiend of darkness has returned to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting masses, but will responsibilities at home thwart his ambitions?
Directed by Richard Tatum (USA)


When an unspeakable evil arises from their household, four college friends must bond together to defeat this unsanitary monster once and for all.
Directed by Rohit Govardhanam (USA)

The Rotting Tales of Marcus Spencer

Marcus Spencer attempts to navigate life while undead. A millennial zombie with an existential crisis, Marcus is on a quest to find a purpose in life — or death. Will he succeed before his body decomposes? Or will the mysterious need to feed overtake him?
Directed by Patrick Schaller (USA)


“Subverse” is a sci-fi web-series about the dark side of the Internet. Addiction. Dating. Privacy. Public shaming.
Directed by Joseph White (USA)

The Mole 17

The song “Mole” tells the story of the relationship of the lyrical hero with his “inner beast”, which offers the owner to shoot all the people “through the navel.” “Inner beast” Mole-the personification of what lives in the character. Its dark side, or light, is unclear and should be. He rummages in character and deeply rooted in it as in the ground. He speaks of vices, whispers in his ear and speaks to his master. The story of their relationship is cyclical, at all levels of the hero’s imagination.
Directed by Dmitry Maseykin (Russia)