Indie Short Fest

A Memento Of Life

Thematically this is the story of a moment in the evolution of how we keep mementos of loved ones through photography inspired by love.
Harlan Bullock is a post-mortem daguerreotypes who travels the countryside creating mementos of the deceased for the living. It’s love at first sight that allows him to rethink of how he shares his craft.
Directed by Reamonn Joshee (Canada)


Yoshizumi Nagaya, a Japanese sushi chef, sits at his table at home in the evening. It is raining outside. Suddenly someone knocks at the door and there is this young woman.
Two residents from Zurich, Switzerland turn a child’s room into a Japanese apartment in the middle of Zurich, Oerlikon, and use a smartphone to tell the story of an obsessed man and a mysterious young woman. The result is a Japanese fairy tale from the perspective of the two European filmmakers, as they carry “their” Japan in their hearts.
Directed by Michel Wild and Rob Schneider (Switzerland)


After the sudden death of his father, a young man named David tries to help his mom with the family’s finances. While David’s best friend Claude is there to keep his spirits up it becomes apparent that Claude may be doing more harm than good.
Directed by Chris Frint (USA)

Out Of It

Charley’s struggling to tell her best friend Annie about her new relationship, but she may get a practice run when she drives her home from dental surgery.
Directed by Katy Erin (USA)


Probably the end of a love serves to understand that there is never a true ending, that the end itself is another stage of a story that remains suspended in time. Bò and Marcel decide to gain this awareness when they refind themselves as unique people in a continuous process of change.
Directed by Carlotta Napolitano (Spain)

The Beauty of It

Silent short film about a man who thinks he’s spotted an iconic Brigitte Bardot type in a library and continues to pursue her in a 1960s style gentle comedy.
Directed by Cameron Moon (UK)


The cosmic breath quickens the germinal of life. In the ocean primeval Biogenesis begins, the capture of form through molecular machineries with mandalic like living matrices. Circles of life patterned into non-linear biological webs. A pioneering biomorphic organism emerges that seems natural and alien all at once, evokes the atmosphere of evolving domains of organismic primordial life in aqueous womb-like environments and contemplative realm; soon birthing a fruitful body of a liminal being of hominid lineage.
Directed by Reggie Davis (USA)