Indie Short Fest

Statue of an Angel

The struggle of an aged man who keeps dreaming a good life for his family when his life is in danger. A man who is a victim of time, age & act, resides in the land of opportunity & seems not to have the opportunity to even ensure his minimal livelihood. On the other hand, he’s being used by the capitalist people for the sake of his immigration status. A man without a country, a society without humanity, but after all of these, he keeps a good view for the mankind, and does not accuse his fate, rather tries heart & soul to do something for his family who lives back in South Asia. Unfortunately, the family is devastated by the sacred terrorism.
Directed by Razid Season (USA)

Destroy The Nandocrazy

After working for a long time, Nando has decided to show the world the Nandocracy, a utopia that will save humanity from itself. Meanwhile, Nando travels from another universe to stop himself, he already knows the consequences of the Nandocracy. Finally, Nando will have to make a difficult decision, destroy the Nandocracy.
Directed by Jose María De Luxán (Spain)

An Ode to My Mother

Based on the poem written by George Turnbull, this short animated film depicts the true story of his own adoption. George and his twin sister were adopted from an orphanage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and brought to Canada by a single Caucasian woman.
Directed by George Turnbull (Canada)

The Gray Conspiracy

When Dr. Tammie Grey and her colleague Dr. Robert Hill discover an advanced biotoxin that serves as an ultimate truth serum, their ruthless CEO will stop at nothing to make sure the project moves forward regardless of the consequences to humanity. When Dr. Hill is murdered, Dr. Grey is framed for his murder and is plummeted into the dark world of corporate conspiracy. As corporate hitmen track her down, Dr. Grey has to rely on her skills as a scientist to save her own life.
Directed by Paul Overacker (USA)

The Bunny

‘The Bunny’ aims to confront anxieties experienced by students about how they choose to spend their limited time at university – whether to see it as a social or an educational opportunity, as mirrored by the struggle throughout the film.
Directed by Ruochen Zhao (UK)