Indie Short Fest

Beyond Darkness

“Beyond Darkness” is a psychopath thriller about an emotionally disengaged widower and his struggles with his own demon within, about an old man pain that turns him to a psycho killer, but what if his evil whispers call his own daughter name?
Directed by Mishaal AlManaa (Kuwait)

The Letting Go

“The Letting Go” is about allowing yourself to be free. It is about not caring what anyone else thinks and allowing yourself to love and be loved.
Directed by Tyler McElrath (USA)


Once, when Shiva went home, she found a weird envelope of her sister which contain the sentence: “Do not follow my way” and after a moment she will find her sister while she hanged herself.  Shiva, who is naive, innocent and conservative, is shocked of her sister’s suicide and when she will find her family in the verge of smash up she is looking for the secret of her sister’s suicide and tries to follow the different clues to find out the reason.
Directed by Mahdi Ghorbani (Iran)


What happens when a seemingly ordinary priest is confronted by a seemingly ordinary man? While reading the Bible on a particularly windy day, Father Harris is confronted by a tall stranger, one who makes him question his beliefs and motivations. And all in a quest for the truth, however horrifying. Not even a helpful woman can save this priest, who must make a choice. For not all sins can be forgiven.
Directed by Russ Emanuel (USA)

The Assassin’s Apprentice

A coming of age story about Kaylee (Tarah Paige), an apprentice assassin, and her relationship with Pete (Robert Picardo), her trainer, and Miranda (Marina Sirtis), their handler. Kaylee, like a rebellious teenager, simultaneously wants approval and independence from Pete and Miranda. When assigned her first solo hit, Kaylee immediately disobeys orders and goes off course, chasing a Freerunner drone, often with hilarious results. In the end, Kaylee accomplishes her mission but realizes that she is not yet ready to go it alone.
Directed by Russ Emanuel (USA)

Phantom Lover

Animated short music video of an original song, based on Jersey folklore, presented as a noir mystery with a touch of camp. Directed by Roberta Kavendek and Frank Cromer (USA)


Short film, then music video, serves as a prequel to the award-winning feature comedy, “Damn you, Roland’s Ruby!”
Directed by Melyssa Vazquez (USA)

Miss You

“Miss You” shows a snippet of the life of Ava, a cerebral tax attorney who keeps her emotions under lock, though recent events in her life in regards to her family make it hard to do so. Alongside her boyfriend Sameer, who’s struggling with his own demons while trying to make it as a comic book writer, we follow them through a night of conversations, arguments, love, and finding themselves in one another once again.
Directed by Shaz Mohsin (Canada)


Ani is a journalist who was charged by her diary to write an article about Ezra dead during an attack. For doing this, she organized an appointment with Lily, the sister of the deceased, in a pub. While she was waiting for her in the bar, she will make an unexpected meeting that will not leave her indifferent.
Directed by Gazanfer Biricik (France)