Indie Short Fest

Tree Game

Guilt in many forms has defined the trajectory of both Samantha and Chase’s lives. Their long estrangement is a testament to its power. Sam travels to visit Chase to finally reconcile, but he is resolute. But a shared memory of a game from their past becomes the reminder that cuts through.
Directed by Julie Slack (USA)


Through a series of discussions, a dystopian reality has been outlined: some peculiar news in the offer of prostitution face a society which is not totally ready to accept them.
A couple decides to play a joke on their friends telling them that their relationship is over. This situation quickly turns into an opportunity to make revelations and comments on their private life, gradually painting a whole social context.
Prejudices and reasons are alternately used to describe a new legal, public and cheap offer in the prostitution area, which is in line with the widespread fantasies and needs of the society of impersonal relationships, but still seems to be too advanced in relation to the eternal cultural, religious and reputation superstructures revolving around controversial topics, such as sex.
Directed by Monia De Lauretis and Edward Cutarella (Italy)

Mr. Dark Field Of Screams

Frost and Riley (super secret ghost hunting demon slaying agents of the night) investigate a farmstead and discover some strange things are happening to the country folk who reside there.
Directed by Jesse James Hennessy (USA)


A married couple is on their way back home after receiving bad news from a Fertility Doctor, when their car breaks down in the middle of the Desert and they’re forced to have a difficult conversation.
Directed by Marco Bottiglieri (USA)