Indie Short Fest

Untitled #9

Former college football player, Elonzo, accidentally paints a masterpiece. Not knowing it until he is discovered by the famous art dealer, Francisco Edvard Andreassenn. A flaw is discovered in the art industry and must be exposed to the world.
Directed by Tyler J Curry (USA)

Bleating Edge

On a quest for answers, a spiritual traveler from the east walks the open desert risking death.
Directed by Ben Pacocha, James Sheehan and Matthew Davoren (USA)

Two 4 One

Beda is about to have her baby ANY minute now! But before her water breaks, she’ll have to deal with the ex-love of her life, moving back to Atlanta, looking to rekindle things.
Directed by Brandy Lane (USA)

Kissy Cousins Monster Babies and Morphing Elvis

Two Hollywood producers try to save their dying careers by creating a blockbuster out of old movies and their warped imaginations. What they don’t know is that they are being mined for their creative ideas. The film was in production for 25 years and shot in seven states including Wash D.C. (Linklater eat your heart out!). Homages galore! The next Rocky Horror!
Directed by Wayne Keeley (USA)

Murakami’s Main Character

“Murakami’s Main Character” is a magic realism coming-of-age short film about an independent college freshman David who hopes he can cut himself off from his helicopter parents. But after they are gone he discovers he needs family and tries to get them back.
Directed by Cary Chen (China)

After Dark

An illustration (Jack) comes to life to haunt his creator (Sofia). Sofia’s main worry is her budding relationship with Kim who, as opposed to her, is very sure of her sexuality. He tempts her to join him as an illustration and leave behind the real world where she is facing too many problems. At the end of her rope, she must choose between the simple way out or a difficult but perhaps more rewarding future.
Directed by Clara Grunwald (France)


Cathy is 17 years old. Her relationship with her mum has been tense, ever since her dad died. Both Cathy and her mum, Elizabeth, suffer from mental health issues as a result of this. Elizabeth eases her pain with a different man every few weeks. One day, Elizabeth’s new boyfriend tries to assault Cathy, which causes her to run away from home.
Directed by Yu Yu (Candice) (Australia)


Tristan, a man in his 60’s, can’t handle his daily routine anymore, leading to a sudden change in his behavior and alerting his colleagues and wife Jane. This change in behavior turns the film into a mysterious and thrilling ride.
Directed by Gianmarco Formica (UK)