Indie Short Fest

Mr. Dark Field Of Screams

Frost and Riley (super secret ghost hunting demon slaying agents of the night) investigate a farmstead and discover some strange things are happening to the country folk who reside there.
Directed by Jesse James Hennessy (USA)


A married couple is on their way back home after receiving bad news from a Fertility Doctor, when their car breaks down in the middle of the Desert and they’re forced to have a difficult conversation.
Directed by Marco Bottiglieri (USA)

Boy Racer

Evan Murphy sneaks away into his grandfathers shed and discovers a world of trinkets to play with including his grandfather’s rally car.
Directed by Barry Fahy (Ireland)

A Letter To Your Inner Child From A Good Father

The film offers a good father’s voice; an ideal father, that puts words on what people have a need to hear from their earliest beginning, infancy and early childhood. The film’s soundtrack guides the inner child to a place where they are safe and wanted; where they experience unconditional love and have all of their needs met.
The reciting of the letter is augmented with animation of father and child superimposed over paintings and photographs with musical pauses for reflection.
Healing-touching-profound-immersive-provocative-articulate. The pace is slow and soothing and the message is compassion and caring.
Directed by David Kirk-Campbell (Denmark)

Never Disappear

In a village called Tai-gia-ha lived a well-known and romantic fool. People called him “Yao”. People in the village worried about him. They worried that who could take care of him forever and whom he got to spend his life with. Even so, he somehow owned lots of stories with someone.
In an evening three months ago, Yao got lost because he ran an errand for his dad to buy him tofu pudding for his childhood’s sweetheart, Xia. For these months without Yao, Xia and Shuei have lived in the contradiction and self-blaming of reuniting each other and losing Yao. In the meantime, Yao met a troupe director named “bearded man”.In the end, how did Yao, seemingly growing up in one night after leaving his home, get back to Tai-gia-ha?
Directed by Leading Lee (Taiwan)