Indie Short Fest

Memory Man

In a future where psychic abilities are outlawed, the Memory Man makes a living dealing with uncomfortable memories for other people. Until the arrival of a hostile new client, finally forces him to confront unfinished business of his own.
Directed by Christopher M Armstrong (UK)


Using rotoscope animation to conceal the identity of an undocumented Mexican immigrant, this doc illustrates the struggles of a homesick young mother in Trump’s new America.
Directed by Phoebe Nora Milvy-Soloff (USA)


On the verge of rebuilding his life, Max gets a job at a warehouse and discovers something that puts his daughter and ex-wife in jeopardy.
Directed by Tim Carpenter (USA)


A young man name Ian is having trouble trying to figure out what he wants to do in life, as he hides a secret about his academics from his brother/guardian, Josh.
Directed by JR Ricardo Medina (USA)

Candy World

“Forests of licorice, mountains of gumdrops…trapped in a world of candy. Will movie star Rob Everfield be able to escape?”

As Rob Everfield struggles to complete the perfect take, his bullying of an extra evolves into a deeper meditation of his life, his choices, and the person he may not be anymore.
Directed by Alec Boehm (Canada)

Late session

Half past eleven. A tired psychologist takes the last patient. However, the patient talks not only about his unhappy marriage, but also about his terrible secret.
Directed by Mansur Sarsembayev and Maxud Sarsembayev (Kazakhstan)


While filming a commercial for a new artificial intelligence, Luna, the AI takes a mind its own.
Directed by Viren Shinde (USA)