Block 8 – Dramas

Auditorium #13: 3.55pm – 5.50pm, Regal LA Live, Jan 21st, 2023


The protagonist was fired for abuse of power in his job and allegations of bribery. At almost the same time, his wife realizes his adventures with the women he met on social media platforms, plays a trick on him and leaves him. Our character has suddenly been left alone and the companion he found himself in his new life does not make him happy either.

Directed by Ekin Onat (Turkey)

World premiere


Presented with an opportunity to escape her stagnant New Mexico town, a young genizaro girl must decide if she wants to break away from her tight knit family or stay and continue struggling to keep her family afloat, as her mother sinks deeper into the grips of heroin addiction.

Directed by Mario Theodosio Gallegos (USA)

USA premiere


Desperate to escape Cuba and find freedom, a young ballerina struggles to believe that she has the talent to dance her way off the impoverished island.

Directed by Esteban “Steven” Petersen (USA)

Out of competition (qualified for the next annual awards event)


Varese, Italy, WWII. A young jewish girl is questioned by a Nazi Lieutenant who wiles her with chocolate and outdoor play then tries to trick her into revealing her families’ true identities. Inspired by true events.

Directed by Diane Lansing (USA)

The Crossing

March 1944. German forces are occupying Katterat station. The Iversens are passing information from Narvik to England in secret. When they realize that German troops are on to them, they plan their escape. They summon the border guide Olav, who helps them plan how to get to safety in neutral Sweden. The escape does not go quite according to plan, however, and turns into a battle of life and death in the unforgiving North Norwegian winter.

Directed by Tomas Simonsen (Norway)

USA premiere