Block 3 – Women

Auditorium #12: 2.30pm – 4.05pm, Regal LA Live, Jan 21st, 2023

Phantom Pain

When we grieve, we grieve alone. What does this dark forest of emotional isolation do to someone who unknowingly had it all – comfort, companionship, stability – and lost it?

Directed by Henry James (USA)

Los Angeles premiere

The Song of the Whale

A couple in a long-distance relationship is about to meet each other. But when two magicians enter the Cafe Cosmos, they turn everything upside down.

Directed by Aspa Siokou (Greece)

Los Angeles premiere


Filled with fulsome incentive from his father, the sentimental young teen hangs back to express his feelings to the middle-aged cleaning lady, who takes advantage of sexuality out of his fondness for her remedy of trauma.

Directed by Yi Yang (USA)

North America premiere

I Have Dreamed Carthage

Maïa, a young opera singer, is on stage for her first performance. As she starts singing the main aria from “Dido and Aeneas”, she finds herself struck with an epiphany moment.

Directed by Cyril Nehmé (France)

USA premiere


A young girl comes to a mysterious village to serve as a priestess. But until a special ceremony, she is gradually pushed into the abyss.

Directed by Yuwei Du (China)