Block 11 – Other Comedies

Auditorium #14: 2.20pm – 3.55pm, Regal LA Live, Jan 21st, 2023

How Did We Get Here?

A sketch comedy show pilot. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you definitely be asking yourself, “how did we get here?”

Directed by Matt Frierdich and J.N. Mackey (USA)

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Two middle-aged quirky singles meet for drinks after they connected on OK-cupid. His compliments and her lack of conversation leads them to “laying all the cards on the table.” They go back and forth with his wants, her needs, their compatibilities until an outrageous revelations is a deal breaker.

Directed by Bret Koehler (USA)

The Blow Out Day

Friends of Mari and Leander have never seen the happy couple argue. They have a secret rule to keep it that way: only one day a year where they can let things out. How long will their happy couple-project last?

Directed by Rebecca Engen Isaksen (Norway)

USA premiere

Holy Sh!t

Grieving and distraught, Alex finds some hope and relief when he meets a religious woman at the cemetery where his dead father is buried. Things get a little complicated.

Directed by Jacob Meszaros (USA)

Queer Fish in God’s Waiting Room

Two Brothers. One Landlady. Zero Common Sense. Based on Lee Henshaw’s bestselling novel.

Directed by Adrian Pasdar (USA)

Truck Fishing in America

The story of Danny and Jerry, lost white men at odds with their own failed expectations. Men who work part of the year and drink the rest. Darkly comic, “Truck Fishing in America” paints an arresting picture of a small victory and a terrible loss.

Directed by Shelley Delaney (USA)

California premiere

The Meditater

Bennett is an unpaid intern. He hates it, but his boss keeps promising him a promotion. The stress of the job keeps mounting and the promotion keeps getting delayed. To deal with it all, Bennett starts meditating, but when the voice of his Meditation App starts talking directly to him, Bennett realizes peace might take more than just some deep breaths.

Directed by Justin Giegerich (USA)