Award Winners: May 2019

Best Short

Lost and Found by Zilong Wang (USA)


Calamity Falls by Hadley Hillel (USA)

Private Barry by Tyler Szuch (USA)


Best Foreign-Language Short

Vacant Rooms by Bartłomiej Jakubiak (Poland)


Champion by Grzegorz Porzeziński (Poland)

Dreamland by Natasza Parzymies (Poland)


Best Indie ShortWiki by Veronica Andersson (Poland) / Runner-up: The Mouse by Liat Akta (Israel) / Honorable Mentions: E.very D.ay by Jordan Hidalgo (USA), Home by Logan Coleman (USA), and Papaya by Kayleb Lee (USA)


Best Drama ShortThree Years. 1 Night by Bartosz Jakub Jasinski (Poland) / Runner-up: A Land Where Children Play by Alexia Garcia del Rio (USA) / Honorable Mentions: Foreign Nationals by Louis J. Guerra (USA) and Silencer by Ahmed Lucan (USA)


Best Documentary ShortHeaven Can Wait by Maria Cristina Carbonell (USA) / Runner-up: The Blessing and The Curse by David Kennedy (USA) / Honorable Mention: Opstanak by Henry Platt (USA)


Best Comedy ShortThe Bibcocks’ Incursion by Alvin Joo (USA) / Runner-up: JKG by PK Simone (USA)


Best Romantic Comedy ShortCliffs of Infatuation by Tomasz Kurlej (Poland) / Runner-up: Walk With Me by Allan Tsao (USA)


Best Dark Comedy ShortOne Way by Jonathan Munoz (USA) / Runner-up: Kathy by Jonathan Hammond (USA) / Honorable Mentions: The Therapist by John Patrick Shulak (USA) and To You Whom I Love by Steven Aripez (USA)


Best Action ShortRicochet by Tim Earnheart (USA) / Runner-up: Kasra by Gianluca Piovani (USA)


Best Crime ShortBenjamin by Marco WestWood Gonzalez (USA) / Runner-up: Exposure by J.D. Funari (USA) / Honorable Mention: A Night at the Table by Tamara S. Hall (USA)


Best Film Noir ShortEsther by Montana Mann (USA) / Runner-up: Platonic by David Leidy (USA)


Best Mystery ShortLost and Found by Zilong Wang (USA) / Runner-up: Platonic by David Leidy (USA)


Best Thriller ShortNasty Habits by Allisyn Arm (USA) / Runner-up: House Hunting by Patrick Andrew Higgins (USA) / Honorable Mentions: Road Kill by Ty Trullinger (USA) and The Carting Call by Armin Nasseri (USA)


Best Horror ShortBad Dreams by Stuart Fryer (UK) / Runner-up: Damaged by C.J. Guerrero (USA)


Best Fantasy ShortCaducea by Christophe Mavroudis (Belgium) / Runner-up: Game Over by Amanda Sabater (USA)


Best Sci-Fi ShortAi-Pocalypse by Lin Sun (USA) / Runner-up: A Psalm of Sight – Verse 1: Zerfall by Julian Curi and Rocco Ambrosio (USA)


Best Western Short: Rise n’ Shine by Silver Kim (Canada) / Runner-up: Phantom. by Drayden DeCosta (Canada)


Best Children ShortVacant Rooms by Bartłomiej Jakubiak (Poland) / Runner-up: Dalia by Alexa Campbell (USA)


Best Animation ShortEXT by Adrian Bobb (Canada) / Runner-up: Snip by Adam Koenig (USA) / Honorable Mention: Mimicry.7.III-IV by Kun Xia (USA)


Best Women ShortGame Over by Amanda Sabater (USA) / Runner-up: Where is Happiness by Xiwen Zhang (USA) / Honorable Mention: Twisted Gift by Melissa Michaels and Henna Taylor (USA)


Best LGBTQ ShortKathy by Jonathan Hammond (USA) / Runner-up: The Best Man by Joseph Lamb (USA)


Best Music VideoArtemiev – Rains by Vladimir Galeev (Russia) / Runner-up: Red Eleven: Starry Eyes by Jesse Haaja (Finland)


Best Web Series/TV PilotThe Lovers Lyfe by Emmai Alaquiva (USA) / Runner-up: Manny Fantasma by Michael Carnick (USA)


Best Web and New MediaManny Fantasma by Michael Carnick (USA) / Runner-up: Walk With Me by Allan Tsao (USA) / Honorable Mention: Oh My God! by Ezgi Gundogdu and Farsina Kabir Prithwi (Canada)


Best Experimental ShortAirplane Mode by Lindsay Roche (USA) / Runner-up: No No On’nanoko by Kevin Douglas Harris (USA)


Best MicrofilmOne Way by Jonathan Munoz (USA) / Runner-up: Cotard by Jorge Carvajal (Mexico) / Honorable Mention: Casey by Shanrica Evans (USA)


Best Mobile ShortUncle Frank’s House: An American Dream by Kathy Drasky (USA) / Runner-up: Come Back, Dad by Yung-Shin Chao (Taiwan)


Best Parody ShortChicago Undercover by Mateen Missaghi (Canada) / Runner-up: A Scratch for Every Itch by Maryanne Galvin (USA)


Best Student ShortPrivate Barry by Tyler Szuch (USA) / Runner-up: A Land Where Children Play by Alexia Garcia del Rio (USA) / Honorable Mention: The Cut by Steve Grigdesby (USA)


Best Trailer/Teaser: Whiskey Ginger (USA) / Runner-up: Volkov (USA)


Best Short ScriptMy Week With Maisy by Mark Oxtoby (UK) / Runner-up: Silicon Caesar by Chuck Griffith (USA) / Honorable Mention: Obama’s Dreams of His Literary Father by James Fitzmaurice (UK)


Best Director (Female): Joanna Nelson for Flour (Venezuela) / Runner-up: Amanda Sabater for Game Over (USA)


Best Director (Male): Zilong Wang for Lost and Found (USA) / Runner-up: Benjamin Capps for Civet (USA)


Best First Time Director (Female): Liat Akta for The Mouse (Israel) / Runner-up: Sahil Kaur for A Calling (USA) / Honorable Mention: Ayanda Chisholm for Appetizer (USA)


Best First Time Director (Male): Grzegorz Porzeziński for Champion (Poland) / Runner-up: J.D. Funari for Exposure (USA)


Best Student Director (Female): Natasza Parzymies for Dreamland (Poland) / Runner-up: Genevieve Thomas for Over Easy (USA)


Best Student Director (Male): Tyler Szuch for Private Barry (USA) / Runner-up: Wai Lam Cheung for Jane (USA)


Best Young Filmmaker (Female): Maggie Budzyna for One Day Till Tomorrow (USA) / Runner-up: Anabella Mortenson for Anywhere Else (USA)


Best Young Filmmaker (Male): Christian Rudd and Jack Connell for Powerless (Australia) / Runner-up: Elias Gandy for The Bunker (USA)


Best Actress: Isabelle Gronlund for Following Kanika (USA) / Runner-up: Dasha Leidy for Platonic (USA) / Honorable Mentions: Candice Callins for The Carting Call (USA) and Melissa Harkness for Dial M for Morons (USA)


Best Actor: William Knight for A Land Where Children Play (USA) / Runner-up: Ray Corasani for Kasra (USA) / Honorable Mention: Brandon Koen for Don’t Be Weird (USA)


Best Supporting Actress: Lia Chapman for Jenni (USA) / Runner-up: Ericka Andia for Our Price (Bolivia)


Best Supporting Actor: Pedro Grossman for Our Price (Bolivia) / Runner-up: Canaan John for Last Tonight (USA)


Best Child/Young Actress: Coco Jack Gilies for Sammy (Australia) / Runner-up: Briana Tedesco for Dalia (USA)


Best Child/Young Actor: Robert Ebner-Statt for Cape Of A Hero (UK) / Runner-up: Kaleb Roberts for Broken Souls (USA)


Best Acting Duo: Sadie Kuwano and Liam Gallogly for The Last Drag (USA) / Runner-up: Gloria Mann and Robert Mann for The Cassie Confession (USA) / Honorable Mentions: Jeff McKinney and Roy Goldfinger for Riding With the Rabbi (USA) and Roberta Alaman and Benjamin Reingold for The Drive (USA)


Best Acting EnsemblePrivate Barry (USA) / Runner-up: Benjamin (USA) / Honorable Mention: A Night at the Table (USA)


Best Producer: Nina Brooks for The Lovers Lyfe (USA) / Runner-up: Peggy Ellis, Katrina Medoff, Tracy Sayre and Amanda Sabater for Game Over (USA)


Best Production Design: Marc de Bertier for Calamity Falls (USA) / Runner-up: Julian Curi for A Psalm of Sight – Verse 1: Zerfall (USA)


Best Original Story: Liat Akta for The Mouse (Israel) / Runner-up: Marcus Mullen for A Good Story (Canada)


Best Adapted Screenplay: Jonathan Hammond for Kathy (USA) / Runner-up: Andy Jones for Bad Dreams (UK)


Best Cinematography: Adriel Gonzalez for The Last Drag (USA) / Runner-up: The Mouse (Israel)


Best Editing: Ivan Mbakop for Loop (USA) / Runner-up: J.D. Funari for Exposure (USA)


Best Sound Design: Skyko for A Psalm of Sight – Verse 1: Zerfall (USA) / Runner-up: Henry Hawks and Ramsey Telhami for Private Barry (USA)


Best Sound Editing: Guest (USA) / Runner-up: Kasra (USA)


Best Sound Mixing: Tim Earnheart for Ricochet (USA) / Runner-up: The Blessing and the Curse (USA)


Best Special FX: Hypertrophy (USA) / Runner-up: Robert Vigorito for Rise n’ Shine (Canada)


Best Visual FX: Civet (USA) / Runner-up: George Kanaras and Adrian Bobb for EXT (Canada)


Best Costume Design: Tim Thonton and Kim Webb & Iron Mike’s Military Exchange for Private Barry (USA) / Runner-up: Jenni Lee for EXT (Canada)


Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Moira Garr and Blake Arsenault for EXT (Canada) / Runner-up: Sally Mohammadifakhr, Emilia Dellepiane and Cassie Szachury for Oh My God! (Canada)


Best Special Makeup: Tatiana Gutierrez for Damaged (USA) / Runner-up: Adam Watts for Rose (USA)


Best Original Score: Iran Garcia for Paradise. Death. Mars. (Canada) / Runner-up: Steve Arm for Nasty Habits (USA) / Honorable Mentions: Guy Renardeau for A Royal Love (Netherlands) and Shy Monster for The Free Agent (USA)


Best Original Song: Original music by Oliver Denyer for I Must Upgrade! (UK) / Runner-up: “My Inspiration”, music and lyrics by Roberto Florencio, performed by Sasha Neuhaus and Tim Neuhaus for A Good Story (Canada)

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