A classic study of a hand, drawn with charcoal on canvas, starts moving.
It is a reflection and amazement about what we feel, sense, form, realize and effect and about who we are.
A calm and touching film that leaves a lot of space to trace one’s own thoughts, in a certain way archaic but also aesthetic and virtuoso.
Directed by Evelyn Kreinecker (Austria)

Star Gel

Going back home to your folks like entering a time that’s solid. Time like reclinable chairs stacked in a room. Like jelly. Falling back into it slowly.
Directed by Candelaria Saenz Valiente (Argentina)

Stage Time

“Stage Time” is a forty-minute documentary that follows a road trip between three stand-up comedians who put together a show of their own twelve hours North, in Humboldt California. This film explores that trip and provides better insight as to why these comedians perform despite the challenges thrown their way.
Directed by Dylan Lloyd (USA)


‘What if you’re so low you can’t bounce back. Your friends hate you, and your dealer is trying to kill you, but you’ve got to get to your daughter’s birthday party. -You just have to.’ 
A busker in desperate need of redemption has to fight his way through a surreal mix of reality and drug-induced nightmares in order to finally show up for his daughter.
Directed by David MacLean (Canada)