Indie Short Fest

The Woods

Three friends go into the woods… 
They will all be headed off to college in the morning. The woods have a different plan.
Directed by Sarah Dierking (USA)

We Meet On The Roof

In the period time of Chinese rocket Shenzhou V launched, 10 years old boy Dou Zi who suffered from his bed-wetting, met Huang Ying (No. 18) while he was washing the bed sheet on the roof. The woman promised to help Dou Zi to solve his problem and take him to play video game. In the process, the helpless Dou Zi gradually produced a unexplainable feeling to the Huang Ying. As a result, he happened to cure his bed wetting. But at this time, the woman has disappeared. In order to see her again, Dou Zi made a brave decision…
Directed by Nicholas Sun (China)


“Savonamia” proposes to observe how, through the audiovisual expression, we can face the themes of intimacy, inner transformation and relationships between individuals. 
Much of the work is devoted to the void. Its perennial existence is felt everywhere, in the places that are crossed and in the places where the characters stop. The void marks the thoughts and words. The void is even found in the music of the party. The void permeated the streets of Genoa, it is constant in the ghost towns of western Liguria.
Directed by Andrea Vescovi (Italy)

White Bicycle

Human workers in a robotic industry fight for their lives. A gray man in a metal box looks for the meaning of his existence as he flees from a mysterious monster, which is himself from another dimension.
Directed by Pablo Manrique (Mexico)

The Escort

When a young boy mysteriously appears on the rainy driveway of an unhappy couple, the woman’s possessive designs on the boy prove no match for her partner’s irritation and the boy’s ultimate reason for visiting.
Directed by Fudo (USA)

Empty Space

Amy visits her conservative sister with a lot on her mind. Empty space exists in all of us, and between us and those we love. How do we bridge the gaps?
Directed by Jonathan Kehoe (USA)

A Story of Courage

Ariana Feiner shares her story with her rare metabolic condition, Hypoparathyroidism. She spreads her message of hope through her work with her children’s book for kids with chronic health conditions, Ariana Rose: A Story of Courage. Ariana exemplifies that it is not our obstacles that define us; it’s the way we face them.
Directed by Ariana Feiner (USA)