Indie Short Fest


A nomad finds shelter from the bleak landscape in a farmhouse whose inhabitants may be more dangerous than world around him.
Directed by Adam Newman (USA)

Punch Card

A transgender girl gets the date for her bottom surgery and decides to ask a favor of her best friend: she wants to have sex before surgery.
Directed by Adrianna Stough (USA)


After receiving some distressing news, a local weatherman has a surprising encounter at a bar, sending his night down a very different path.
Directed by Shane Peltzman (USA)

The Journeyman

Driven by the desire to be reunited with her son, a mother struggling with mental illness finds the courage to make the bravest decision of her life- whether or not to take her own life.
Directed by Pamela Perrine (USA)

Near Sight

A woman is stalked by a creature that only appears when she’s not wearing her contacts, which have just gone missing.
Directed by Stephen Parkhurst (USA)

Little Hands

Leo, 2, is the son of the director of an industrial plant. When employees find out that management is about to close the factory, Bruno, a more radical worker, abducts Leoto negotiate…
Directed by Rémi Allier (France)


The Second American Civil War drives an American father to desperation to provide for his son, as order collapses and asylum in Mexico is his only hope. 
Written by John Mccarney (USA)