Indie Short Fest

Out Of The Box

A contemporary allegory through a young African American man’s dreams reflect his feelings of apprehension and isolation in an all white social environment.
Directed by Malachi Moore (USA)

Slave Bible

With the help of a friend, a progressive writer – speaks truth to power with a new book ‘Constitution: Slave Bible.’ Eager to kill the truth, dark money fascists come out for blood.
Directed by J.R.S. (USA)

Lady Sparta

31-year-old Aida Satybaldinova left her native Kazakhstan and now trains in the US to become a world champion in a professional boxing. There she was told that she was old, here she gets friends and support.
Directed by Asem Nurlanova (USA)

Wet Paint

Greg is a painter. His job is to cover graffiti with white paint. Greg hates his job. Greg hates his life. One day, he discovers a wall with strange properties, and everything changes. 
Directed by Yi Cheng (USA)

Cavendish, Pepys, and the Zombie Kiss of 1666

Samuel Pepys, amateur scientist and Navy Secretary, has lost his wife, Elizabeth, to the London plague of 1666. Margaret Cavendish’s anti-plague julep is a sure remedy for this scourge, but it requires generous amounts of Sam’s blood. The plan is to employ Robert Boyle’s pump to drain the poor Navy Secretary dry — after Sam’s carnality has been brought to a boil by the blandishments of Aphra Behn and others. Elizabeth Pepys, looking much the zombie, rides to the rescue of her beleaguered husband and a flurry of neck biting ensues, ending in a relaxing evening at the famed Hell Fire Club.
Written by James Fitzmaurice (UK)

Drown the Clown

When an 8-year old girl fails to dunk an insulting clown at a county fair, her father steps up to avenge her loss. The clown needles the father, and his remarks become more cutting as the game goes on, including belittling the father for having given up on the dreams of his youth. The confrontation escalates until finally the ball strikes the target and the clown dunks. The crowd cheers wildly, the father and daughter embrace in celebration, and submerged underwater, the clown smiles, enjoying his victory as well.
Directed  by Sinclair Rankin (USA)


While trying to enjoy her first night of marriage, Melinda, a first generation American, feels burdened by her Iranian grandmother’s impossible request that she prove her virginity.
Directed by Lauren Merage (USA)